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Mystical Gnosticism - Part 6

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  • John Gilbert
    This is Volume Three Number 10 November 6, 2006 Gentlepeople, As we enter this holiday season, I encourage you to study the Gnostic Lessons and acknowledge
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      This is Volume Three Number 10
      November 6, 2006


      As we enter this holiday season, I encourage you
      to study the Gnostic Lessons and acknowledge
      you're a Gnostic. A Gnostic, quite simply, is a
      spiritual seeker seeking after truth. If you're
      reading this, you're probably a spiritual seeker.
      The path you travel is uniquely yours and yours
      alone. None of us travel your path and you do
      not travel our paths. We do not travel each
      other's path. We each travel our own spiritual

      But there are helpers along the way no matter
      what our unique spiritual path may be. One of
      those helpers is the Gnostic Lessons. When you
      complete these lessons you'll have five spiritual
      tools. Use them as you will. Change them to fit
      the uniqueness of you. Use these spiritual tools
      until you become these tools. At that moment you
      will understand today's lesson.


      Mystical Gnosticism - Part Six

      As people traveling a spiritual path become
      calmer, more peaceful and more hopeful, their
      attitude shifts from seeing the negative in life
      to seeing both the positive and negative in life.
      More than that, they begin to see the positive
      side of all negativity.

      If everything were always perfect we would have
      no room for improvement, no room for learning.
      If everything were always good we'd have no room
      for advancement of our knowledge, feelings or
      spirituality. Without a goal to improve, there
      is no purpose to life. We need to live in a
      world of good and evil in order to achieve our
      life's purpose. According to the Kaballah, that
      purpose is to first learn to accept, forgive and
      love more and more.

      The people who reach this stage of unfolding,
      tend to turn away from religion and turn toward
      spirituality. They see religion as a business -
      big, big business and they begin to understand
      true spirituality is inside ourselves. They
      begin to look within and that's why they become
      calmer and more peaceful and more hopeful.

      Then one day, usually out of the blue and without
      any warning, they have a spiritual awakening.
      They touch the Divine within themselves and they
      are forever changed. This awakening is always
      sudden and unexpected. It's the moment we learn
      and really understand with every level of our
      being the Divine is here and now, the Divine is
      everything, there is nothing but the Divine.

      At that moment the individual no longer thinks
      the Divine is everything. The person who
      experiences this awakening knows beyond any
      shadow of doubt and with every fiber of his or
      her being the Divine is everything. The Divine
      is the eternal now and we are all, each and every
      one of us, an individualized expression of that
      Divine. We all reside in the ever-present,
      infinite and universal Divine Mind. We and
      everything else in the whole of creation are the
      Divine Mind.

      Everything is the Divine. Everything is
      spiritual. Everything is exactly as it should
      be. Everything is what it is; and what it is, is
      the Divine.

      You can think about this all you want and you'll
      never "get it." But take the time to go inside
      yourself day after day, month after month, year
      after year and you'll have your very own
      awakening. At least, that's what the Gnostics
      and the mystics of all ages report.


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      Gnostic Church 2006
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