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Mystical Gnosticism - Part 1

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  • John Gilbert
    This is Volume Three Number 5 October 2, 2006 Gentlepeople, It is with deep sorrow I announce the departure of Bishop Rita Baker from this Veil of Tears. She
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      This is Volume Three Number 5
      October 2, 2006


      It is with deep sorrow I announce the departure
      of Bishop Rita Baker from this Veil of Tears.
      She was born on February 22, 1939 and departed
      this life on September 21, 2006. Rita moved to
      Boulder, Colorado in 1992 and became my close
      friend and confidant. She served for many years
      as my executive secretary. She edited Gnostic
      News, ATA-News and Tarot News for several years.

      Bishop Baker is the Past Chief Guardian of the
      Temple of Solomon and was Master Alchemist of the
      Order of Spiritual Alchemy at her passing. She
      served for several years as the Grand Secretary
      to the Grand Lodge of the Ancient, Accepted and
      Esoteric Freemasons. Rita was one of the Chiefs
      of the Magickal Order of the Golden Dawn at her
      passing. She was deeply loved and will be
      sorely missed.

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      Mystical Gnosticism - Part One

      For purposes of this discussion I'm going to
      define mystics as those people who strive to
      experience the Divine in every way with their
      whole being. They seek bliss and complete union
      with the Divine. Ancient Mystics sought to know
      the Divine, to gain Divine Knowledge, and they
      wrote several dozen dogmas to explain everything
      they thought they learned about the Divine. This
      approach created several dozen sects or groups of
      Gnostics. There was no unanimity. Unfortunately,
      many Gnostics do the same thing today - they
      teach their way is the only correct way.

      The Universal Gnostic Church is part of the
      Modern Gnostic movement that teaches each of us
      is a unique human being on every level of our
      being. We all look different, think
      differently, feel things differently, have
      different wants, needs and desires, and we all
      follow our own unique spiritual path. Our duty
      as individuals is to seek communion with the
      Divine, to know the Divine by whatever methods
      work for us

      Our duty as a priest or priestess is to help
      other people find their own unique spiritual
      path. It is not our duty to explain doctrine and
      other rules to them, but to show them how they
      can learn to do things their own way. In this
      regard, priests and priestesses are mentors to
      them who seek their help.

      Bishops within the church, by whatever title they
      wish to use, are mentors to the public and to the
      bishops, priests and priestess who seek them out.
      All bishops function first and foremost as a
      priest or priestess. Archbishops are bishops who
      assume the administrative duty of running our

      Archbishops have no authority over bishops.
      Bishops have no authority over priests and
      priestesses. Priests and priestesses have no
      authority over lay people. Lay people have no
      authority over the functioning of the church. We
      each do our own thing and help other people do
      their own thing.

      So for our purposes, as we examine mystical
      Gnosticism, we'll define Gnostic as a person
      seeking communion with and knowledge about the
      Divine. We'll further stipulate there is no
      "right" way to do this, that each of us has our
      own unique spiritual path to discover and follow.


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Copyright by John Gilbert, Ph.D. and Universal
      Gnostic Church 2006
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