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The Sanctified Life - Part Zero

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  • Dr. John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume Two Number 39 June 5, 2006 Gentlepeople, It seems to me we re all striving in one way or another to lead a sacred and holy life
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      This is Volume Two Number 39
      June 5, 2006


      It seems to me we're all striving in one way or
      another to lead a sacred and holy life here on
      Earth while living an everyday life, doing
      everyday things. What we need is a handbook that
      tells us how to do just that. In my opinion
      there are two great books that give us the
      information we need to live both a full and
      abundant life while here on Earth and a spiritual
      and sacred one at the same time.

      The first book is called the Kybalion. You can
      download a free copy of the Kybalion (58 pages)
      from the Universal Gnostic Church website at
      You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader open when you
      try to download this file. Never mind, if you
      don't have it, you can download a free copy of
      Adobe Acrobat Reader at http://www.adobe.com.
      You can read my commentary on the Kybalion at

      The second book is called "The Sanctified Life"
      by Reverend Mother Maria Juliana, abbess of the
      Order of the Sisters of Julian. According to
      Reverend Mother Betty Jean McCloud Reeves, the
      presiding archbishop of the Universal Gnostic
      Church, this is one of the "most profound
      spiritual books ever written." In eleven short
      chapters, readers are taken through ten steps,
      that with practice, will help them live a sacred
      and holy life on Earth. You can download a copy
      of this book for a small fee from our website at
      or ask the Church to mail you a copy.


      The Sanctified Life - Part Zero

      According to Mother Maria, "The Sanctified Life
      is devoted to the illumination of the spirit, to
      experiencing, or seeking to experience, union
      with the One, union with God," with the Divine.

      Various religions and faiths call this "union
      with the Divine" by various names. It's called
      communion, satori, nirvana, seventh heaven,
      Divine Realization, spiritual trance, and a
      thousand other names. What it really means is
      that we attain a state of "oneness" with the
      Divine, a blissful state where we know beyond any
      shadow of a doubt that we are unconditionally
      accepted, forgiven and loved now and forever.

      Whatever we call it, to experience it for even a
      microsecond is to know Divine Love. This is one
      experience you'll never forget. You'll remember
      this experience and this feeling for as long as
      you live. The question is not if you and I can
      experience this union with the Divine, but how we
      can attain it.

      First, find a way of communicating your wants,
      needs and desires to the Divine, not as a whining
      and begging child, but as a mature adult with
      intentions for your life. Some of the ways you
      may want to explore are Contemplative Prayer,
      meditation and Intentional Prayer

      If you haven't found a method of meditation that
      works for you, you may want to consider the
      Essene Healing Breath Meditation (free download)

      Secondly, download or purchase a copy of the
      "Kybalion" and a copy of "The Sanctified Life."
      Read them both, one chapter at a time and develop
      your own system for implementing these practices
      in your life. My suggestion is to read the same
      chapter seven days a week until you understand
      the wisdom contained there.

      Thirdly, find the time to take a "Blessing Walk"
      for ten to sixty minutes every day. Over the
      next few weeks I'll share this technique with you
      step by step so you can feel and measure the
      progress you make. Of course, if you read about
      it and forget it, you'll probably make very
      little or no progress at all. You decide how
      much effort you're willing to put into this
      little project.

      Please read the Introduction and Chapter One of
      "The Sanctified Life" to prepare yourself for the
      next lesson and assignment.


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Copyright by John Gilbert, Ph.D. and Universal
      Gnostic Church 2006
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