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The Kaballah Demystified - Part Seventeen

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  • John Gilbert
    This is Volume Two Number 17 December 19, 2005 Gentlepeople, As we enter this holiday season, Mother Betty and all the rest of us who work for the benefit of
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      This is Volume Two Number 17
      December 19, 2005


      As we enter this holiday season, Mother Betty and
      all the rest of us who work for the benefit of
      the Universal Gnostic Church wish you and yours
      the very best and a phenomenal new year. This is
      our last issue of 2005. Our next issue will be
      dated January 9, 2006. Happy Holidays!

      For those of you interested in learning how the
      Kaballah is illustrated in the Tarot, the Tarot
      News newsletter starts an analysis of the Major
      Arcana this week. I'll be describing how each
      card fits on the Tree of Life and further defines
      the paths we've been discussing.

      *** THE KABALLAH DEMYSTIFIED - Part Seventeen ***

      The paths twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and
      sixteen all terminate at path seventeen, the
      Sphere of Harmony, at the center of the Tree of
      Life. All five spheres (white, gray, black, red
      and blue) feed energy directly into the yellow
      sphere of Harmony. In this sphere all the
      energies of the Worlds of Air and Water are
      balanced according to our awareness, intentions,
      beliefs, compassion and power as enhanced or
      diminished by our attention, memory, imagination,
      rational mind, intuition, conscience, exercise of
      freedom and courage, and the manner in which we
      teach others and receive our just rewards.
      Everything is balanced here in the Sphere of

      The Sphere of Harmony is also called the Sphere
      of Beauty or the Sphere of Balance because of
      this function. But this sphere has many other
      names including the Sphere of Buddha, Krishna,
      Christ, Avatars, Christ Consciousness and
      Christhood. Allow me to hasten to say this is
      not the Sphere of Jesus the man. It is the
      sphere of the consciousness that descended upon
      Jesus the man, the consciousness available to all
      of us, the consciousness we call Christ.

      The Spheres of Harmony, Power and Compassion and
      the paths between them form the World of Water as
      we've already discussed. The World of Water is
      the World of Reflection and the home of our soul.
      The soul of everything resides within that particular
      thing's World of Water. This brings up the
      question about what has a soul. This is the same
      question as what has emotions, for the World of
      Water is the World of Emotions.

      Surely we all agree humans and animals have
      souls because we all express the emotions of
      love, compassion, fear, anger, sorrow, courage,
      peacefulness and happiness. But consider the
      plant kingdom. Research with plants has proven
      quite conclusively that they thrive in a loving,
      happy and peaceful environment. On the other
      hand, plants wither and die in a hateful, sad,
      fearful and angry environment. Change the
      emotions in their environment and you change
      their survival rate. More than that, research
      with plant pheromones shows that plants express
      emotions just as effectively as we do. Obviously
      plants have a soul and they feel emotions.

      Consider the mineral kingdom. Rocks and minerals
      have not been shown to express emotions or be
      affected by them. On the other hand, any psychic
      will tell you rocks remember what happens to them
      and what happens in their environment. They may
      not have a soul, but rocks and minerals have
      memory. More than that, they can imagine
      possible outcomes, they pay attention and they
      are aware. It's highly probable they also have
      intentions and are here for a purpose. Rocks and
      minerals evidently have a spirit.

      What we don't know yet is if protozoans, bacteria
      and viruses have a soul. But they too remember
      and behave in many ways like rocks and minerals
      If that's the case, everything in this world has
      a spirit; and at least all the plants, animals
      and humans have a soul.

      It is in our soul we find peace, happiness and
      the courage to overcome our fears. My prayer
      for you is that through this holiday season and
      for the rest of your life you find that happiness,
      peace and courage in your soul and manifest
      it in your life.


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Copyright by John Gilbert, Ph.D. and Universal
      Gnostic Church
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