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The Kaballah Demystified - Part Eleven

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  • John Gilbert
    This is Volume Two Number 11 November 7, 2005 Gentlepeople, If any of you are in the health-care field, please take the time to read through the materials
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2005
      This is Volume Two Number 11
      November 7, 2005


      If any of you are in the health-care field, please
      take the time to read through the materials posted
      by Dr. Marie Harris on her web site
      http://www.freewebs.com/alimentarius/. Take any
      precautions you need to make to protect your
      future income doing what you love to do. Please
      do this with courage and compassion and not with
      resentment and fear.

      *** THE KABALLAH DEMYSTIFIED - Part Eleven ***

      The Sphere of Belief (Path Six) sends energy down
      the Path of Intuition (Path Nine) and the Sphere
      of Compassion (Path Eight) sends energy across the
      Path of Conscience (Path Ten) to the Sphere of Law
      (Path Eleven). The Sphere of Law is one of the
      least understood spheres on the Tree of Life.

      The Hebrew name for this sphere is Severity.
      Other names often used are Rules and Laws, Power,
      Authority, and Government. So powerful and
      misunderstood is the energy of this sphere, the
      whole Left Pillar on the Tree of Life is often
      called by one of its names. Hence we have the
      Pillar of Power, Pillar of Government, Pillar of
      Authority, Pillar of Pain, Pillar of Difficulty,
      Pillar of Agony, Pillar of Ice and Cold, Pillar
      of Darkness, and the Black Pillar of Despair.

      But if we look at the energy flowing into this
      sphere we see a different energy residing here.
      Awareness, Remembering, Imagination, Belief and
      Intuition flow down the left side of the Tree into
      the Sphere of Rules and Laws. Awareness,
      Attention, Intention, Compassion and Conscience
      flow down the right. These intermingle to empower
      us with all the other emotions we can muster.
      Dominant among all these emotions are anger and
      peace, fear and courage, and happiness and sorrow.
      That's according to both the Kaballah and modern

      According to modern science, a gland in the
      reptilian portion of our brain called the amygdala
      controls the basic emotions of fear, anger and
      sorrow common to all reptiles, birds, animals and
      humans. According to the Kaballah we empower
      ourselves by calming our anger and becoming
      peaceful, conquering our fears to become
      courageous and by resolving our sorrow to regain

      The laws and rules we create for ourselves
      dictate how well we can empower ourselves. We
      create these laws and rules intuitively based on
      our belief systems and with conscience based on
      our concept of compassion. Compassion is a
      decision we make based on paying attention to the
      things of which we become aware and our own
      intentions. Beliefs are decisions we make based
      on what we remember of our awareness and what we
      imagine based on our intentions.

      Our Compassion and Rules and Laws empower us and
      together create a full range of the emotions we
      experience in our life. We are empowered by our
      emotions. Our emotions are the result of our
      thoughts and ideas, our intentions and beliefs.
      Change our thoughts and ideas and we change our
      emotions. We empower or disempower ourselves
      whenever we change our thoughts and ideas. Change
      our beliefs and we change our rules and laws.
      Change our intentions and we change our ability to
      be compassionate.

      There is an invisible line that crosses the Tree
      of Life below the line between spheres three and
      six; and above the line between spheres eight and
      eleven. On the glyph stored in our files folder
      on Yahoogroups, the invisible line crosses the
      Tree of Life below the gray and black spheres and
      above the red and blue spheres. On the drawing
      you're probably making for yourself, the invisible
      line is below paths 3 - 5 - 6 and above paths 8 -
      10 - 11.

      This invisible path is called the Abyss. It's
      also called the Void, the Third Veil and the Veil
      of Reflection. The three spheres above the Abyss
      are reflected into three spheres on this side
      (below) of the Abyss. The three spheres above the
      Abyss and the paths between them define the World
      of Archetypes, the World of Thoughts and Ideas,
      the World of Air. The three spheres below the
      Abyss and the paths between them define the World
      of Reflection, the Creative World, the World of
      our Empowerment, the World of our Emotions, the
      World of Water. (When we reflect on our own
      thoughts and ideas, we create our own emotions.)

      In Spiritual Alchemy we learn that our spirit
      resides above the Abyss in the World of Air. Our
      spirit is our mental body according to some
      traditions. We also learn our soul resides below
      the Abyss in the World of Water. Our soul is our
      emotional body in some traditions. Our soul is a
      reflection of our spirit. Our emotions are a
      reflection of our intentions and beliefs, our
      thoughts, ideas and attitudes.

      My prayer for you this week is that you empower
      yourself by changing your intentions to become
      more compassionate; and by changing your belief
      systems and your own rules and laws to become
      more peaceful, courageous and happy.


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Copyright by John Gilbert, Ph.D. and Universal
      Gnostic Church
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