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The Kaballah Demystified - Part Six

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  • John Gilbert
    This is Volume Two Number 6 October 3, 2005 Gentlepeople, The Fall Equinox reminds me life is transitory. Everything changes. Some things are born and others
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      This is Volume Two Number 6
      October 3, 2005


      The Fall Equinox reminds me life is transitory.
      Everything changes. Some things are born and
      others die. We're born and we pass away. In
      between we either make spiritual progress or we

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      *** THE KABALLAH DEMYSTIFIED - Part Six ***

      If you'd like a graphic picture of what we've been
      discussing, take out a piece of paper and draw
      three spheres on it. Place one sphere in the
      middle at the top and the other two in the bottom
      corners. Draw lines connecting these three
      spheres. Number the top sphere "1" and the bottom
      right sphere "3" and the bottom left sphere "6."
      The line between 1 and 3 is labeled 2. The line
      between 1 and 6 is labeled 4 and the bottom line
      is labeled 5.

      The Sixth Path is the bottom left sphere. It's
      connected to the Sphere of Awareness at the top
      through the Path of Memory or the Path of
      Remembering. It's connected to the Sphere of
      Intention on the right by the Path of Imagination.
      The name of this Sixth Path is the Sphere of
      Belief. When we Remember our Awareness and
      Imagine the possibilities of our Intentions, we
      come to Believe in ourselves. When we Remember
      our Awareness and Imagine our Intentions, we
      Believe anything is possible.

      This is the creative process. It works like this:
      By paying Attention (path 2) to our Awareness
      (path 1) we start to form Intentions (path 3) for
      ourselves and our lives. By Remembering (path 4)
      our Awareness (path 1) and Imagining (path 5) our
      Intentions (path 3) we Believe (path 6) in
      everything. We believe in the Divine, in
      ourselves and in the things we do.

      These three spheres of Awareness (1), Intention
      (3) and Belief (6) define the three absolute
      requirements to do anything, to create anything,
      to change anything, to improve ourselves. If we
      are not aware (1) of the possibility, we can never
      accomplish it. If we have no intention (3) to do
      something, we cannot do it. If we do not believe
      (6) we can, we can't. Awareness (1) is
      everything. Intentions (3) are everything.
      Belief (6) is everything.

      These three paths of Paying Attention (2),
      Remembering (4) and Imagining (5) are the ways in
      which we are able to form Intentions (3) and
      Beliefs (6) based on our Awareness (1). If we
      don't pay attention (2) to the things of which we
      become aware (1), we have nothing to intend (3).
      If we don't remember (4) and imagine (5), we don't
      have the tools to believe (6) in anything. Paying
      Attention (2) is necessary. Remembering (4) is
      everything. Imagining (5) is everything.

      These six paths of three spheres and three paths
      form an upward-pointing triangle. This triangle
      is the World of Air. Each of these paths is
      composed of Air and only Air. Air is Mind. It's
      thoughts, ideas, concepts, attitudes, awareness,
      intentions and beliefs. That's what Air is.
      That's what the World of Air is all about.

      The World of Air is the World of Archetypes. The
      archetype for everything exists in this world,
      because the archetype for anything is a thought,
      an idea. Archetypes exist only in our thoughts
      and ideas. We see them in our awareness. We
      remember them. We imagine them. We pay attention
      to them. We make intentions based on them and we
      believe in them.

      Our own Archetype exists in the World of Air.
      That archetype we call our Spirit. Our Spirit is
      our true and perfect ideal of what we can become.
      It is our true and perfect Self. Our Spirit is
      our True Self. Our Spirit is a thought in the
      Mind of the Divine. We truly are Children of the


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Copyright by John Gilbert, Ph.D. and Universal
      Gnostic Church 2005.
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