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The Kaballah Demystified - Part One

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  • John Gilbert
    This is Volume Two Number 1 August 29, 2005 Gentlepeople, *** THE EMERALD TABLET *** I recently wrote my commentary on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2005
      This is Volume Two Number 1
      August 29, 2005


      *** THE EMERALD TABLET ***

      I recently wrote my commentary on the Emerald
      Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus as translated by
      Dr. Juliet Ashley for the following website:
      http://AlchemicalOrder.com/articles/ I refer you
      to that article for more information about both
      spiritual alchemy and the Golden Dawn.

      There is another translation of the Emerald
      Tablet done by Rhodonn Starrus and Betty
      Reeves which can be read on our website at:
      The commentary for that version was written
      by Rita Baker and myself several years ago.

      *** THE KABALLAH DEMYSTIFIED - Part One ***


      In the beginning there was nothing. There was no
      space. There was no time. There was no matter.
      There was no energy. There was no thing and there
      was nothing.


      Awareness dawned. But this awareness occupied no
      space. It was not matter and it was not energy.
      It was awareness and only awareness. Time may or
      may not exist at this stage of evolution. But
      time is immaterial for awareness is not bound by
      time in any way. There is a beginning of
      awareness, and without awareness there is nothing.
      But we don't know if awareness ever ends. Experts
      guess it may not ever end.


      Awareness is proof a mind existed, for the mind is
      what becomes aware. But this mind was nothing.
      It had no form because there was no matter to make
      a form. Without matter there is no energy for
      matter is required to create energy. There was no
      space because there was no matter to define space.
      Mind existed because that mind was aware.

      The Tree of Life.

      The Tree of Life is a ten-sphere, thirty-two path
      glyph of consciousness. The first sphere on the
      Tree of Life is the first step in the Divine
      Creation. From this beginning the Mind of the
      Divine evolved through thirty-one more steps.
      Thus was everything created and is being created.

      The First Path.

      The first path is the top-most sphere on the Tree
      of Life. It is called the Crown and it stands for
      Awareness. In Hebrew it's called Kether, Ketter
      or Kesser depending upon the dialect of Hebrew.
      Kether means Crown but the esoteric meaning
      of crown is Awareness. We become aware of
      things in the top of our head. This is our crown.
      Our crown is Awareness.

      Awareness is the starting point of all
      consciousness. It is the starting point of all
      creation, all creations and all creating. In
      order for us to create anything in our lives, we
      must first become aware such creation is possible.
      We must become aware we can create and we must
      become aware of the thing we are going to create.
      Without awareness there is no creation.

      To gain a fuller understanding of this concept,
      you may want to become aware of your own
      awareness. This can be done during meditation.
      Become calm and peaceful, look inside yourself and
      become aware.


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Copyright by John Gilbert, Ph.D. 2005.
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