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Re: [GnosticThought] Fwd: Hoeller on Crowley continued

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    In a message dated 07/31/2002 17:58:56PM, maxouellet@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 07/31/2002 17:58:56PM, maxouellet@... writes:

      << amaste,

      I have suspisions that the Jesus story might actually
      be about Socrates executed 399BC and his cult went
      underground only to re-appear with the Messiah
      encrypted story of their guru 400 years later.

      *just a thought* >>

      So you think Plato was crucified? Maybe thats why Pilate included Greek On
      Titulus Crossus He knew perhaps that Platos followers would have to read it
      Show up at the empty tomb/
      And I guess John Mark was a translator for Socrates, and Paul was One of
      the original beatles
      Of course the time line is all wrong but dont let that get in the way of
      a theory Eh?
      regards johnmoon3717@...
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