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Re:animals exceed humans in the spiritual realm

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  • missabh
    Lyric, Some epileptics have dogs that are trained to sense when their owners might have a seizure--the dogs pressure the owner to sit down, find a spot where
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      Some epileptics have dogs that are trained to "sense" when their
      owners might have a seizure--the dogs pressure the owner to sit down,
      find a spot where they are less vulnerable, etc...

      These are interesting points to bring up in this discussion.


      > animals feel natural disasters prior to their
      > event..,animals have saved their owners when danger
      > <like fires in the home>, animals call to other
      > species when a danger is in the forest or the jungle
      > et al...
    • Paul Joseph Rovelli
      Hi All, 93 Animals have always been perceived by humanity as being imbued with certain powers. The Qabalist generally sees them as being incomplete
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        Hi All,
        Animals have always been perceived by humanity as being imbued with certain powers. The Qabalist generally sees them as being incomplete microcosms. Though they may have certain virtues, there's always plenty that they are lacking. The apparency of this makes touting their whole virtue as being somehow superior to humans as a real sophistry.
        I present here an excert from my article: The Third Testament
        The true character of Lucifer is strongly revealed in atavistic or totemic work. This Watcher is a fully manifest being with a semi-material or dualistic nature. From this idea, energy as matter can be transformed into life through this force (the light of Lucifer) being placed within matter (the light surrounded by darkness). Atavistic Sorcery is based on the semi-material nature of animals as we perceive their sensuality (animal magnetism) along with their seemingly psychic insights (often attributed to their acute sensory perceptions). Looking into their eyes and facial and posture expressions helps us to understand their power (cf. Kenneth Grant's 'Were Masks').
        The Goat and the Snake are two principal symbols of Shaitan. The Goat climbs mountain as feminine energy goes upwards on the Tree-of-Life (cf. Formula of ON--as delineated below) and the Snake slithers on ground as masculine energy goes downwards on Tree.

        "I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy. If I lift up my head, I and my Nuit are one. If I droop down mine head, and shoot forth venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I and the earth are one." AL II.26

        In several parts of Ben Kadosh's article (translated by Bjarne Salling Pedersen in cooperation with Fr. GCLO), The Dawn of a New Morning, we get a strong indication of this idea as he writes:

        "THE SLOUGH OF THE ANIMAL IS THE CLOTHING OF PAN AND HALF OF HIS OUTER BEING. The side we often prefer to consider is the material and physical, which is considered morally [objectionable]. What we [have here] to consider is the PSYCHIC, the psychic life and especially the psychic Powers which is working through the animal, and often gives an impression of something strange, mysterious, often demonic in its being, attitude and outer appearance. It also reveals their intelligence which is; that they know about and masters their inner Powers, and understand the use of them. With that, we have to admit that their intelligence in many other ways are inferior to that of man.

        This Force is apparent in inferior animals--as in the case of the Serpents Glance--it suggests the presence of a Talent or Force that works as a tool to aid the beast, against its inferiors. It also suggests--by the presence of this special Ability or Force--a side of the animal, where it is close to the divine mystery, which alone has [its] source in the use of psychic powers.

        The snake show[s] its superior intelligence--as mentioned--through its glance. With this animal it is a special ability, besides being its vigour and its outward rays, the magnetic, demonic rays in the eyes of the creature. The intelligence of an animal can always be detected in its eyes. Without the eyes, an animal would--as also with humans--[lose] its demonic appearance. In the eye of an animal, as for humans, we can see the soul of its intelligence, which always reveals itself as either a force of nature; heat and cold; or as a primitive form, and with the individual it is penetrating; in individualized form too.

        The things which causes the demonic appearance of the animal, is then determinative for the creatures demonic individuality in it entirety. To make this Fluid of Force appear as a special ability, the creature--in this case the snake--has to be conscious about its presence and use, and in this case it is so. The snake only uses its fluid, by pointing its rays towards the chosen prey, when it is aware that it gains an advantage by using it. The Snake is aware of the presence of this fluid of so high a nature and potency. And the same when it comes to the use of it. But by this, it must also be aware of its superior intelligence. The superior intelligence is only the realization of the presence of the Power, and the awareness of its use.

        Exactly the same, though in another way, is visible in the appearance of the horned he-goat--the Alpine [I]bex. The horns, with its proud and provocative erection or beautiful reclining shape, and the dark face of the creature, is that which add up to is demonic appearance. With that comes the consciousness of the animal, of its outer dark magnetism or radiation, which radiates from it, and is apparent in its conduct. Its knowledge about how to use this, its natural gift, is sufficient evidence of is special intelligence."

        The force which is perceived inside the animal is as a fire which radiates a magnetism from the source of all life�yet the outside is a dark, bestial shadow of this physical world�ugly and black. The L.V.X. within the N.O.X. with the N.O.X. being the outer image (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter or as well, the pantheistic component) and the L.V.X. being the One source of life (which presents the monotheistic cosmogonic model). As Pan is the ALL and the sum total of the ALL, the outer dark form is the creator of the world�the Demiurge with the inner being the Pleroma. And there is an inherent struggle between the animal and spiritual natures with the animal hiding the spiritual. Yet the Demiurge tries to usurp the Pleroma by becoming the 'one' God. It's jealousy of the other Gods is still clearly remonstrated in the 'Ten Commandments' wherein it admonishes that 'thou shalt have no other gods before me'. This sounds so much like the trap of the Exempt Adept mistaking Da'ath for the Crown and becoming the Black Brother. It seems Jehovah has made this mistake; making himself the one God.

        Lyric <luminaryl@...> wrote: MM All
        I have followed this theme and now I want to state my
        personal take...animals are superior in many ways to
        humans imo...it is the human superiority complex that
        drives us away from our 6th sence or 2nd sight if you
        will...yes i conceed that some animals <and this is a
        miniscule # of their population> exercise the carnage
        of humans with malice of forethought perhaps...however
        u who own a thumb are missing the point imo...
        animals feel natural disasters prior to their
        event..,animals have saved their owners when danger
        <like fires in the home>, animals call to other
        species when a danger is in the forest or the jungle
        et al...
        there are yes red army ants <look at your dang selves>
        and there are killer bees..but in the population of
        the philum they are the exception...please comment
        --- tarnished_silverwolf <RClaiborne4@...>
        > --- In GnosticThought@y..., GeorgeHarvey2621@c...
        > wrote:
        > > In a message dated 3/30/02 10:18:06 PM Central
        > Standard Time,
        > > dolly@c... writes:
        > >
        > > >
        > > > this vegan, tree-hugging, animal-mauling, tall,
        > skinny,
        > aquarian chick
        > > > with a big ole hank a hair, concurs, t swolf!
        > nonhuman animals
        > dont murder
        > > in
        > > > cold blood, like humans do for the thrill and
        > power of it
        > >
        > > Cats do. so do wolves.
        > >
        > > or for abstact
        > > > reasons.
        > >
        > > They don't have abstract reasoning.
        > >
        > > they dont lie.
        > > They don't have the ability.
        > >
        > Hello,
        > I have observed abstract reasoning in animals, and
        > they do have
        > the ability to lie. Especially my wolves. Yes,
        > animals and humans
        > are both capable of cruelty and many other
        > behaviors. But, this lack
        > of our less desirable traits isn't what I meant by
        > them being closer
        > in tune with the Great Spirit of all creation.
        > Sometimes, when they
        > gaze into my eyes, I can feel a greater presence
        > observing me
        > through their eyes. They seem to me to be much more
        > in tune to each
        > other, all of life, and even the spirit world, at
        > least compared to
        > most of us who seem to try and set ourselves apart
        > from the rest of
        > life, and even each other, and who seem to be not as
        > connected with
        > the rest of the spirit world as we could be. Note
        > how prey animals,
        > once caught, give up their life without as much of a
        > struggle as
        > they could put up. Perhaps its because their spirits
        > know it is
        > their time to move on to another state of being and
        > a new awareness
        > of an all new set of wonderous possibilities that is
        > possible for
        > them. Their death in this fashion is proper and a
        > neccessary process
        > for their continuation of whatever purpose that is
        > their destiny.
        > The Great Spirit cherishes all of its many possible
        > forms and
        > aspects, for observing the endless different
        > possible aspects of
        > itself. Example: cats, birds, fish, insects, and
        > ..., all experience
        > and observe different possible experiences to each
        > other as well as
        > some common ones. We humans are also just one of the
        > many glories
        > possible in creation, but in the scheme of things
        > our human flesh
        > isn't anymore special than that of a wolves or
        > another life forms to
        > the Great Spirit, and is made just as neccessarily
        > as parishable. Be
        > this a clue to you that the souls and spirits of our
        > animal
        > brother's and sister's forms may also be considered
        > of equal but
        > different worth to the Great Spirit of all
        > possibilities as well.
        > Their destiny is not for us to decide and determine,
        > nor limit in
        > scope, lest we risk diminishing our own by taking to
        > heart this
        > asumption that somethings are of more worth than
        > others.
        > Tarnished Silverwolf

        "It is not having lived in the dark house, but having left it that matters"

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