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Re: Or is the observer just another illusion of the mind ?

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  • John
    Dear Troy, There s quite an old saying: The observer is not the observed. Any part of the body you see is not the observer. Any idea that you can look at or
    Message 1 of 3 , May 5, 2011
      Dear Troy,

      There's quite an old saying:
      "The observer is not the observed."
      Any part of the body you see is not the observer.
      Any idea that you can look at or imagine is not the observer.
      Any emotion that you can feel is not the observer.

      I can give you the example of how when I began
      meditation practice, oh, a few years ago now,
      there was I,
      observing the breath,
      counting them up to seven and starting again at one,
      becoming one with the breath,
      and suddenly I seemed to fill the room,
      all thinking had ceased
      ... it seems that almost immediately, I thought, "Yes, I've got it."

      But that was the ego popping up with another of its distractions.
      And the "I've got it" was followed by the inevitable series
      of ideas ... in which I became lost again.

      Meditation is still a patient endeavour for me.
      The body quietens very easily now,
      though I'm continually working on stilling the ideas and feelings.
      Occasionally there's that feeling of expansion and oneness.
      And even able to occasionally work with it during the day.

      Chuckles ... a friend once told me, "It's simple really!"

      But just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy.
      Love and Light.

      --- In GnosticThought@yahoogroups.com, "The Neutral Fool" <dalypem@...> wrote:
      > I felt like taking a run around in a circle tonight hope you dont mind . If the observer observes the thoughts it seems the thought also observes something. What? Because it seems that now My mind reconizes the observer it seem the mind now enjoys observing the observer.....talk about snake tryin to catch its tail..Whats going on in my mind ?...ant help please !! .....Troy !!
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