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Gnosis of SELF and No Created Thing

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  • rwr
    Gnosis of SELF and No Created Thing In my use of the word gnosis within the word Psychognosis (all explained in the books anyway) the gnosis part means `KNOW ,
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      Gnosis of SELF and No Created Thing

      In my use of the word gnosis within the word Psychognosis (all explained
      in the books anyway) the gnosis part means `KNOW', it does not mean
      `Understand'; albeit that I personally have some understanding of some
      things, but certainly not the entirety of all that which IS, and
      whatever that is whilst independent of my knowing it.

      However, this use of the word gnosis within Psychognosis is
      differentiated from the kind of `knowing' things due to daily life
      experience by way of the five external senses. I know that the fire will
      burn my hand because my hand has been there. Prior to my hand going
      there I did not know it, even though I had much hearsay to that effect.
      But my hand going there made me KNOW it. End of speculation and story.
      But I use the term gnosis to differentiate it from temporal knowing.
      Thus it is a metaphysical knowing by way of direct experience. But NOT
      experience of the five eternal senses or thinking. It is DIRECT
      cognitive experience without need of the five external senses or
      thinking. It is direct, unarguable, uncontradictable, axiomatic
      cognitive experience. It is impossible to deny it or even argue with it.
      I tried for twenty years to deny it, and I lost. So, for me, and due to
      experience of it, gnosis means to KNOW but it means more than just that.
      I have described it all in detail. It is of no concern to me whether
      anybody accepts what I say as being true or not. That is irrelevant.
      There is no possible way that I could either give it to them or convince
      them of it. I am not even sure that I would even if I could. But I cant.
      And that is it. Actually, if I could then that would present me with one
      real big problem, as to whether I should or should not give it to them.
      That is far too big a decision for me. But I do not have the option
      anyway, so that is good.

      When people read what I have written about it then some ask me if I
      believe this or think that it is true. The answer is no, I do not
      believe it and no I do not think that it is true.

      What is No Created Thing? I don't know. A good definition for it is;
      That which has no prior cause and which was not issued forth into
      existence. One could say; That which IS when everything which is brought
      forth is not brought forth. Or if it were not brought forth. Primordial
      Energy. Proto-Physical.

      How does this NO CREATED THING and this gnosis of it compare to a
      religion? It has got nothing to do with any religion or a belief or
      opinion. I don't have a religion, I have never had a religion, and I
      would never have a religion. As far as I am concerned man made religions
      are for cave dwellers not Man that has woken up. And keeping in mind
      that `man' or being a man, is only ONE THIRD of my existence. The Man is
      the bit that floats around on top of the pile of this emanation from NO
      CREATED THING; and via I AM in Eternity. I AM braught forth from the
      stuff of NO CREATED THING.

      How does all this, and in so far as it is all experiential, compare to a
      religion? Never having had one then it is not for me to compare them.
      But I can and have read what they say. Not only do I find them sad,
      pathetic, but I also find them to be extremely dangerous and alienating.
      I detest them all, every one of them. But to compare them, then I would
      have to say that religion would be like a candle that is not lit, so
      there is no light at all, and this Psychognosis is like a blinding light
      that has no beginning and no end; and the light cannot be put out.
      Moreover, in this fullness of Psychognosis there is no alienation
      between Eternity and Time or the three parts of me.

      I do not want people to believe me, I do not even want them to read the
      book, but it is there free to read if they want to. I do not WANT
      anything from anybody. I do not WANT anything at all. I do not want to
      exist and I do not want to not exist. I have already got no thing, and I
      love no created thing and all created things more than could ever be
      said. I live for no thing, and I AM ab aeterno ad hoc.

      As to what human beings do with this then I do not give damn. I offered
      them words about it, and they shove them back down ones own throat.
      Fine, no problem at all.

      Have a good life.

      Dick Richardson

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