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The Gnostic Knights Templar all Weekend on Aeon Byte

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  • miguelconner
    There is strong evidence that the Knights Templar weren t in the Holy Land just for battle but to collect arcane esoteric information. They brought to Europe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2010
      There is strong evidence that the Knights Templar weren't in the Holy Land just for battle but to collect arcane esoteric information. They brought to Europe Gnostic secrets by interacting with Sufis, Arab Alchemists, Mandaeans and the mysterious Assassins. We break open their hidden treasure vault by understanding the truth behind the Holy Grail, the head of Baphomet, the universal Kundalini, Islamic Mysticism and the secretive Peacock Angel still revered in the Middle East. We also study the Yazidi, an ancient Gnostic sect that still exists today in almost its original form.

      Topics Discussed:

      --The secret rituals of the Knights Templar that included Kundalini Work, Tantric Sex and Mystery Religion Practices.
      --How the Muslim Sufis, the Gnostic Mandaeans and Johannites, and even Eastern Philosophy influenced the Knights Templar.
      --Exploring overlooked dying &rising godmen/Logos such as The Green Man, The Fisherking and Al-Khadi.
      --A glimpse into the Yazidis: a little known Gnostic sect in Iraq that might be older than the Mandaeans and the Classic Gnostics.
      --Could the Yazidi's Peacock Angel be the most ancient archetype of the Christ/Savior figure?
      --The reality of the Holy Grail, Baphomet, the head of John the Baptist, goddess worship and other Templar secrets.

      And much more! Just one you thought you knew everything you needed not to know…

      Just go to http://www.thegodabovegod.com/. The program is broadcast all weekend long. Listen to it at your convenience and peril.

      Our rebroadcast is a balance to the main heresy with `Aeon Byte #47—The Historical Knights Templar'. We take a dry yet concise overview of the Knight Templar Order without all the occult bells and whistles. Something you'd watch on the History Channel! Our astral guest was Karen Ralls, PH.D, author of `The Templars and the Grail' and `Knights Templar Encyclopedia'. I have no idea why I sound like I just drank a gallon of cough syrup during the interview.

      Next week we spend time with one of the great spiritual seekers of our modern times. And that is John Lennon. Stop playing `Beatles Rock Band' and join us with Gary Tillery, author of `The Cynical Idealist: A Spiritual Biography of John Lennon'.

      A lot of exciting changes for the New Year (I'm sure you haven't heard that before from all the other media Rahabs). Expect major changes and stuff, including a weekly viewing of 'Roadhouse'. And some great up and coming Truthseekers on the wings, as well as our great stalwarts. Robert Price, April De Conick and more waiting in the wings!

      Excerpts can now be downloaded through Itunes at http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=347832278. I'll be updating frequently.

      There are over 145 past shows of Aeon Byte are available at http://www.thegodabovegod.com/shop/. Each program has a preview you can listen to it before jumping into the abyss of heresy. CD, DVD or USB Port copies in bulk, at less than half the price, can be purchased through our homepage. Bulk digital audio at your greasy fingertips can also be purchased at http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1906876. Downloading in bulk digital format is a fraction of the price. If your New Year's Resolution has anything to do with blasphemy, then you need our goods!

      Donations are always a blessing. Aeon Byte is completely non-profit. All money is invested back in the program and the perfection to my Schrodinger cat experiment. Please help out anyway you can. And as always, if you have holes in your pocket, let me know and I'll send you a show for not cost.

      Please sign up for our Mailing List at our homepage. Or subscribe to my blog at http://aeonbyte.blogspot.com/

      And check out my new articles for The Examiner at http://www.examiner.com/x-28537-Chicago-Gnosticism--Heretical-Spirituality-Examiner. Please subscribe and leave little love or hate notes. I put up two or three articles, commentaries, reviews or sermonettes a week. Check in often. My newest articles are `New Year Resolutions for Gnostics & Other Mystics' and `A New God both Atheists and Theists can Believe in'.

      Merry Matrix!

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