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Fwd: Siva Sutra S1.17 to S1.20

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  • Bandera Ken
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
      >Siva Sutra S1.17 to S1.20
      >S1.17 Self is known through deliberation (about these tattvas).
      >"vitarka �tma j��nam"
      >deliberation self known
      >vitarka - deliberation, consideration, imagination, purpose, reasoning
      >S1.18 A world of bliss is the joy of sam�dhi.
      >"loka �nandah sam�dhi sukham"
      >world bliss sam�dhi joy
      >The goal is stated: to always experience the world in terms of god and
      >consciousness. This starts occurring progressively after repeated
      >experiences of cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is a transition
      >period of getting acquainted with the new feelings associated with
      >'witnessing' events. The 'witnessing' of events occurs when transcendental
      >consciousness continues to stick around our awareness for awhile when we
      >back in ordinary waking state. This all occurs naturally over a period of
      >time after the repeated performance of transcendental meditation,
      >twice a day.
      >S1.19 By uniting divine powers (sakti) the physical body is produced.
      >"sakti samdh�ne sar�ra utpattih"
      >divine-power by-uniting physical-body is-produced
      >There is lots of room here for suggesting that such information based sakti
      >threads are eventually responsible for the coding and production of the DNA
      >structures. Such is presently being incorporated into a theoretical world
      >model now being developed that can simultaneously include both physics and
      >metaphysics on an all inclusive level playing field. Anyone interested in
      >pitching in is most welcome.
      >S1.20 United beings arise by rubbingly close contact with all the
      >"bh�ta samdh�na bh�ta prthaktva visva samghatt�h"
      >existence united existence separated all by-rubbing-close-contact
      >samdh� - unite, connect with, to bring together, to place or hold or join
      >fasten or sew together, to combine, to lay down on or in, to become
      >samghatta - embracing, clinging, junction or union with, rubbing together
      >Such a fascinating sutra; it is almost modern physics. Bring any two
      >of matter closer together and several well-defined forces interact,
      >on the closeness. The reality is that particles of any size are always in
      >some or many sorts of vibration and such forces couple to each other. The
      >degree of coupling is generally inversely proportional to distance.
      >Physicist would call having particles 'embrace' or 'cling together' or
      >'rubbingly close together' a 'resonance'. A resonance is a sharing of
      >spatial geometry and a sharing or transfer of energy. For longer or
      >periods of time, two separate entities virtually become a single entity,
      >where in the process they may absorb or dissipate energy among themselves
      >and/or to the surrounding environment.
      >Similarly, two plasma fields can couple momentarily, for longer or shorter
      >periods of time, through rubbingly close contact. Here energy and
      >information are shared and/or transferred, as is appropriate to preset
      >conditions existent within the initial separated fields. Here is a
      >fascinating lively bases for paranormal phenomena.
      >jai guru dev,

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