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Re: A Creation Myth

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  • Steve
    ... part ... as ... themselves ... while ... a ... Higher ... the ... if ... there s me , ... the ... entities. ... What ... that ... Nous. ... angels, ...
    Message 1 of 40 , Jul 1, 2006
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      --- In GnosticThought@yahoogroups.com, "Brenda" <brenda@...> wrote:
      > > Hi Brenda. Oh my, you had to open that can of worms. OK, as
      > > of my personal experience, the World Soul includes what you may
      > > well call gods, angels and devils. IMO, these beings are
      > > manifestations in the psycho-physical flux of the Realms of
      > > Appearances, which are not just confined to 'physical' matter.
      > > Sometimes these entities intrude upon my consciousness, both
      > > awake and in lucid dreams. When you first met me on-line, my
      > Angelic
      > > Twin, who called himself Eugnostos, would often appear and say
      > > things. Sometimes I could see him even when awake. I understand,
      > now,
      > > that Eugnostos, like everything and everyone else, is part of the
      > > interconnected whole that includes 'me'. Recently, I went through
      > > Time of Darkness, during which I could not connect with the
      > > Self and the Cosmos struck me as being sinister. Instead of
      > > Eugnostos, the Angel of Light, I was pursued and oppressed by an
      > > Archonic Spirit of Darkness. I now realize that this Archon was
      > > other half of Eugnostos, and the Time of Darkness was needed to
      > > catapult me past a spiritual impasse. Now, if you were to ask me
      > > these entities are 'real', I won't know how to answer, except
      > perhaps
      > > to say that they are as real as 'me'. There's 'I' and
      there's 'me',
      > > and both I and me are That. Now, you asked me if I have ever
      > > experienced "someone else's" witnessing awareness. I have, but
      > > witnessing awareness is not the same thing as voices and
      > > The witnessing awareness is what watches voices and entities.
      > I
      > > experience in 'other people' is the same witnessing awareness
      > is
      > > in me. IMO, the witnessing awareness is what Plotinus called
      > > The Nous is married to the World Soul, which includes gods,
      > > devils, humans, animals, plants, 'material objects', thoughts,
      > > emotions, sensations, Brenda and me. IMO, it is through the
      > marriage
      > > of Nous and Psyche that the mysterious Source expresses Itself.
      > Those
      > > voices that you heard, which "weren't the usual voices" were,
      > > manifestations of an Astral Entity, perhaps your Angelic Twin.
      > Sorry
      > > for all this, but you did ask. ;-)
      > > -Steve W.
      > Steve,
      > Don't be sorry. That's very interesting and it rings true to me.
      > And I usually won't ask a question if I don't want to hear the
      > answer. ;) Do these pants make my behind look big? (Yes, I had to
      > follow a statement like that with a question that amused me.)
      > BTW, where did you get to when you came out of the darkness?
      > Brenda
      That both poles of the Syzygy must be embraced whole-heartedly. All
      of the tastes in the buffet really are One Taste, and I'd hate to die
      without tasting it. -Steve W.
    • Tom Ragland
      ... I have one from last weekend. There is a park in Nashville with a busy street that has only concrete and asphalt shopping on the other side of the street.
      Message 40 of 40 , Jul 7, 2006
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        --- Brenda <brenda@...> wrote:

        > I'm collecting bird stories these days.

        I have one from last weekend.
        There is a park in Nashville with a busy
        street that has only concrete and asphalt
        shopping on the other side of the street.
        I went over to Starbucks to get coffee.
        When I came out there was what I thought
        was a bird struggling on the sidewalk,
        but on closer look it was a baby bat.
        I had the idea of getting the bat into
        an empty coffee cup with a lid and transporting
        it to the park across the street. Getting
        closer the bat eeked in fear, but I managed
        to get the cup over its head and slid the
        lid underneath. Moving slowly waiting for the
        wings to retract, I managed to get the lid on
        the coffee cup without injuring the bat.
        Lots of shaking in the cup while I crossed the
        street. Taking a stick I pushed the lid off
        and quickly laid the cup down (not wanting to
        get bit). The bat came out and no longer
        sensed the panic from being on the concrete
        side of the street. After a brief wing check
        the bat took off in a circular flight around
        the nearest tree then headed upward towards
        a familiar very tall oak. Hopefully the bat
        will not venture across the street again.

        The last critter I rescued before this was a
        snake sleeping on a busy bicycle path. Bats
        and snakes. I guess I just have a soft spot
        for misfits that most people don't care for.

        Thomas Ragland (Gnostic Tom)
        "So little time, so much to unlearn."

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