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meditation: The Creator's Highest Mountain Peak and Crystal Lake Meditation

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  • gnostic_ken
    GnosticismStudyGroup post #1025, ... Hi Group, This is a meditation that I love! Enjoy :) A Message From Archangel Michael Channeled By Carolyn Ann ORiley The
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      GnosticismStudyGroup post #1025,

      --- isopeace67@h... wrote:
      Hi Group,
      This is a meditation that I love! Enjoy :)

      A Message From Archangel Michael
      Channeled By Carolyn Ann ORiley

      The Creator's Highest Mountain Peak and Crystal Lake

      Peace be with you Beautiful Beings of Light as we walk together on
      this spiritual path.

      There are more of you joining us in this walk each day. The Creator
      is so very proud of you for standing in faith within The Creator's
      waves of Light.

      Visualize if you will that you have linked hands with each other one
      right after the other and see how you cross the globe that you
      thought was so vast. Dear Ones that line of Light Beings is now
      reaching all around the globe and is creating laps again and again
      encircling and enfolding Mother Earth.

      Mother Earth is smiling at you and is beaming back to you, her love
      and steadfast devotion.

      We have sent you more Angels as each voices a request for more. They
      open their wings and reflect back to you your awesome brilliance and
      magnificence. This brilliance is reflecting off of the Heavens and
      bouncing back towards all those that have joined hands and stepped
      forward in their own empowerment. It is quite an awesome thing to
      view, all of these hugh beacons of light emanating up and joining
      with all the others as it reaches The Creator with your love.

      The view brings spiritual tears of joy to our spiritual hearts and
      know that you can accomplish this great feat in such density
      exemplary courage on your part. The density is lessening in each
      moment due to your deliberate intent to bring Heaven to Earth, and
      it is Beloveds.

      We ask that you continue with your progress, growth and remembrance.
      We ask that you share with those that resonate to this beautiful
      energy so that they may assist and add their brilliance. This in
      brings more and more to the forefront increasing the effect
      exponentially adding to the beautiful wave of light covering the

      Remember to look for the beauty that is all around you. Each detail
      of beauty that you recognize displaces something that you felt you
      had lost. Each moment of sharing with others that which you have
      found, erases a feeling of lack. Each releasing exercise that you do
      heals and seal out the negative thought form that was assigned to
      that experience. A quick note of remembrance here my Beautiful
      of Light when you release an experience do not allow yourself to
      accept it back by thinking that it is not gone. Know that it is,
      without a doubt.

      Each fear (false evidence appearing real) that you walk through
      releases the hold that that fear had upon you. It has lost its power
      Beloveds it can no longer overcome you without your permission.

      Each tear that you shed for something or someone lost can be
      and healed with your remembrance that all are ONE and nothing can be
      lost it, only changes it's energy pattern and location. You are part
      of the WHOLE and thus will never be lost or separated from The ONE.

      Even those my Beloveds that you sense will never change are within
      the ONE, they are a part of the WHOLE it doesn't require their
      permission, it is a Universal Fact, it is within The Creator's
      Blueprint. The Creator is in perfection and has lost no-thing. No-
      thing is separate from The Creator. The Creator is The ONE the
      the I AM that I AM.

      Doesn't that make your heart smile Beautiful Beings of Light, to
      that all those that you are concerned about will never be left
      behind. They might not necessarily be enlightened, they may not ever
      acknowledge the presence of The Creator, but they will never be left
      behind on this evolutionary spiral that is only going up. The
      doesn't require acknowledgement to unconditionally love ALL.

      The most negative Being or darkest of Soul has a spark of The
      within, only waiting for something to ignite it's remembrance. It
      to choose to be the light within itself and give itself permission
      embrace the light, but it is never lost. It at some point may be
      transmuted back into pure energy, but that only changes it's energy
      structure Beloved Ones. Changing its energy structure only folds
      within itself, back into the ONE.

      The ONE, The Source of all, that each is a piece of, down to the
      tiniest particle within all levels, dimensions and aspects. This
      includes all the various kingdoms or species of energy, for all is
      pure energy, it is just changing forms and shapes.

      With your permission lets participate in a meditation together.

      For those that feel reservations here about this journey or are
      concerned because they are not visual or fall asleep when trying to
      mediate, know that whatever is for your highest good is all that is
      requested here. Only those things that are for your highest good
      surface without your permission.

      For those that fall asleep know that whatever level is in need of
      this meditation will receive the benefits it matters not if you fall

      For those that are not visual, just allow and receive what is
      available for you here. Do not strain, whatever is to be for your
      benefit will be received and experienced in whatever way is most
      appropriate for you.

      Those that are feeling apprehension about this material or
      put it aside it is not meant for you at this time. When you are
      the material will surface again in whatever way is most appropriate
      for you.

      We ask that all use your discernment filters and only work with
      things that resonate with your Beingness.

      Let us go forward.

      At this time invite in your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and
      that you desire to join you on this journey.

      Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while.
      sit or lie down whichever is more comfortable to you. Cover your
      if you chill easily with a light blanket, we want no distractions
      while we journey together.

      Ask your Ego self to perch on your left shoulder at this time. It
      will only be a spectator on this venture.

      From the corner of the room, The Creator is sending you down a ray
      pure white light, a ray of luminescent pink, a ray of luminescent
      aqua blue, and a ray of golden transmutational light. The rays are
      entering through the soles of your feet, going up through your body
      filling your body fully it is exiting your crown chakra and being
      returned to The Creator and coming back down through your feet in a
      circular motion back up to The Creator.

      You are now divinely protected and only those things that you have
      given your permission to can disturb you at this time.

      Two of your Angels will stay with your physical form and keep it
      company while we journey.

      Your pure energy essence along with your invited quests are
      into your heart chakra at this time. You have located the golden
      that says "To My Highest Guidance Within" you turn the doorknob and
      cross the threshold.

      You find yourself in a white marble corridor you see the elevator,
      the escalator and the golden ladder. There is a table with a mirror
      on the wall. There is also a flower vase with the flower of your

      Look at your reflection in the mirror and remember it.
      Speak to the flower and greet it with love. Ask the flower to share
      with you its message. Thank it for the message and we travel on.

      There is a new door that you have not seen in the corridor before.
      is made of pure gold and has a label that says, " The Creator's
      Highest Mountain Peak and Crystal Lake"

      You and your invited guests walk towards the door and open it. You
      cross the threshold and cannot believe what you are experiencing.

      In front of you is the highest mountain peak you have ever seen. At
      this vantage point at the base you cannot see the lake. You notice
      that there is an arched rainbow bridge for you to cross over and
      there are many many steps leading to the summit of this mountain.

      You walk on the golden grassy path that leads you and your party to
      the rainbow bridge. There is a sign at the entrance to the
      bridge "Leave all of your worries, problems, and concerns within
      large jar before crossing." You do as instructed.

      Immediately you feel such weight being lifted off of your shoulders
      and body. Oh! It feels so good to be free of those areas of concern.
      Stretch and bend and twist to allow the feeling to really settle in
      of being free.

      Right in front of the rainbow bridge is a silver violet flame. Your
      Angels and Guides are motioning for you to stand within the flame.
      This flame will not burn you, it actually has a cool pulsating
      feeling. You do as instructed and stand within the flame. The flame
      at first has a silver violet hue that changes to pure white. When
      flame changes to pure white your Angels and Guides direct you to
      cross the bridge.

      You enter the bridge and the various colors intermingle with your
      energies. It is most enjoyable to feel the differences that each
      color can share with you. Select one that you particular like the
      feeling of and remember it, upon your return look up the color for
      the message and meaning to you.

      On the other side of the bridge you begin to climb the steps. You
      feel lighter and lighter at each higher step. It takes you a while
      but you reach the peak of the mountain and feel absolutely no
      exertion or tiredness at all. As a matter of fact you felt like you
      were floating up the mountain most of the way.

      Your last step and then you see it. It is breath taking at the very
      peak of this mountain is a Crystal Lake stretching out before you.
      looks as if it has no sides and is just suspended in the air.

      Your Angels and Guides motion for your to sit right at the lakes
      on this plateau, located at the summit of the mountain. You take a
      seat on the ground. You notice that a calming energy is entering you
      here as you sit. What an interesting sensation this is. Such a
      beautiful pulsing calming energy is coming up from the ground and
      working within your energy fields to bring you this glorious peace.
      The feelings of joy are mixed in with this peace and you recognize
      the feeling from a distance point in the past emanating directly
      The Creator.

      You find yourself uttering the words "Thank You, Thank You My
      Creator, and I love you so much too!".

      Your Angels and Guides are instructing you to close your eyes, and
      say " My Creator, I AM giving my heart to you NOW, My Creator I AM
      giving my heart to you NOW, My Creator I AM giving my heart to you
      NOW " and so it is. You feel a love wash over your entire Beingness
      and know that your gift and intention has been received and
      by The Creator.

      The Angels and Guides now bring the large jar that you left before
      crossing the bridge. They have encased this jar in a large golden
      so that nothing within it can dampen your experience here.

      They ask your permission to take this container within the box to
      Creator to allow The Creator to transmute and work with each problem
      and concern enclosed there.

      For those that have not given permission, know that these will be
      taken back to be picked up upon your descent from the mountain.

      For those that give permission, you see your Angels and Guides
      soaring into the Heavens with this contained jar within the box.
      actually don't have to go very far since you are on The Creator's
      highest mountain peak. The Creator sends you down a note and thanks
      you for depositing these areas of concern with The Creator. The note
      says, " My Beautiful Child, I have been waiting for you to do this.
      will take these issues and transmute them for you in whatever way is
      most appropriate for you within My Divine Plan and Master Blue
      Know My Beautiful Child that you may do this at anytime. I do not
      want my Children burdened down with these concerns. You can not feel
      my love for you within the density that the concerns create. I love
      you more than your limiting human language can express, feel My love
      as I share it with you here."

      The tears of joy and relief are just pouring down your cheeks. Your
      Angels and Guides embrace you and you hear them say " There There,
      There There, you are so dear to us, it has pained us so long to see
      you suffering so needlessly with these issues. Please always allow
      to assist you in clearing these from your energies fields."

      The last of the tears flow down and with that last tear comes a calm
      that you have not experienced in a very long time. You feel that you
      remember this from some where very very far back in your psyche.

      The Angels and Guides are bringing you a basket of Love Stones. You
      look at the rose colored stones with a question in your eyes. The
      Angels and Guides pick up a stone and show you that you add your
      intent by holding the stone in your hand and generating a loving
      thought that permeates the stone. You toss the love imbued stone out
      onto the crystal smooth lake. They show you that your intent and
      are then spread out to all that you encounter through each ripple
      that the water makes. Because the lake has no sides or limitations
      the ripples continue through out eternity with your love intent.

      You ask to try one. This is so much fun you think to yourself. You
      take a stone permate it with love and toss it out onto the crystal
      smooth lake. You watch as the ripples begin and continue, and
      continue and continue and have no visible ending.

      You continue to do this and really are having a great time, and it
      dawns on you not only are you doing it here but your energy field
      interacts with all other energy fields of all that you encounter.
      now understand the connections.

      You understand when you clear your own Beingness of the issues and
      negativity that you then can enhance another's energy field with
      clearness and light vibration. You know within your heart that you
      can assist the planet in keep yourself clear so that more and more
      light can filter to and through you out to others. Through your
      energy field that has been cleared, you can assist another by
      them up, so that they may hear their highest guidance.

      Oh! The serenity and joy that this revelation brings. You turn to
      Angels and Guides and tell them "thank you, thank you" you look
      toward the Heavens and say "thank you, thank you. I understand now,
      thank you for this gift".

      You know it is time to return, even though it has been so fun and
      energy is one that you really are having a difficult time pulling
      yourself way from. You know that this is something that you were
      allowed to experience so that you could bring this practice back and
      help others by your example.

      Your float back down the mountainside, back across the bridge, bid
      the playful colors within the rainbow, goodbye until next time and
      exit back at the point where the jar sits. For those that allowed
      clearing the jar is empty. Those that did not allow the clearing you
      are feeling the effects and contents of the jar rejoining your
      fields. That feeling for those that did not release, a description
      isn't necessary, you are understanding the effects and do not like
      how they make you feel.

      You walk back down the path, open the door, cross back over the
      threshold into the white marble corridor. You see your reflection in
      the mirror and see the golden light waves emanating from your
      Beingness. The image feels so very good and you smile. You greet the
      flower again and tell it until next time. You open the door cross
      back over into the heart chakra. You come back into your body;
      your fingers and your toes, allow yourself to fully settle back in
      before going about your activities. You have been in the very
      of ethers and it will require some grounding on your part to
      before resuming your activities.

      --- End forwarded message ---
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