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Fwd: Final installment - Vitvan's Expanding States of Self-Awareness - Lesson 18

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    ... EXPANDING STATES OF SELF-AWARENESS LESSON 18 Before we begin to work our understanding into the subjects of dharma and karma, there are a few preliminary
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      LESSON 18

      Before we begin to work our understanding into the subjects of
      dharma and karma, there are a few preliminary remarks I would like
      to make. First, so long as consciousness is objectively identified,
      the tendency is to make something or someone a goat. You know the
      meaning of making something or someone a goat, I hope. Relative to
      the objective identification state one must have something or
      someone outside of himself, that is, objective, to blame. It takes
      quite a bit of meditation, internalization of awareness, etc., to
      locate and understand all the forces by which one is motivated.
      Meanwhile, one in objective meditation must find someone to blame.
      When that state is cleared up, when one has gone beyond it, then
      there will be no more tendency to look outside of oneself for
      anything. And I mean anything!

      The cortical mind, which we can also label lower manas, is
      developed out of the action and reaction to values given to images
      appearing substantive, that is, to the objective appearance. And
      you will find that there is very little thinking by the cortical
      mind that is not emotional thinking. We have to get to higher
      manas. Then we can use the mind as an instrument through which and
      with which to express perceptive insights from a higher level. But
      when one develops the higher faculties of spiritual perception and
      then utilizes the well-developed faculties of mentation with which
      to express and communicate and write, etc., that is higher manas.
      The cortex can then be used as an instrument with which to
      articulate and express other, relatively speaking, higher insights,
      the perceptions, awareness, realizations, etc. So intellect is not
      to be disparaged in any way. It is used as a tool. And a good
      craftsman keeps his tools sharp - the sharper the better. That is
      the value of higher manas.

      I have described objectivity as images in the psychic consciousness
      appearing substantive. But when one does not know that what he sees
      as 'things' and 'objects' is nothing more nor less than the images
      formed as the result of frequency registration, he believes that
      this is an objective world. And it looks real to him. It is the
      value and the actions and reactions to the value given that develop
      what we call the mind, the cortical faculties.

      That mind, by its very nature, constantly functions in
      externalities. Whatever goes wrong or right, the cortex must find
      some objective reason by which to explain it. Watch yourself and
      watch others. Many times every day, we find reasons, excuses, and
      justifications for things that happen. But with no exception, none
      of these reasons are actually responsible for what transpires -
      none of them, with no exceptions.

      When it is extremely difficult to find a plausible reason for some
      eventuation, particularly any adversity, then, the cortical
      functions are hard put to manufacture a reason. When we understand
      the peculiar and intricate workings of the psychic nature, we will
      catch it creating an emotional situation whereby a reason can be
      manufactured to blame someone or something else. For instance, the
      dear wife is frustrated, and her creative forces are blocked, cut
      off, so emotionally she picks a quarrel with her husband, and at
      the height of the quarrel, there it is, "You are to blame for
      so-and-so." Many persons will create trouble, manufacture a
      quarrel, and create a fuss because of a subtle motivation to find a
      reason or justification for something else that couldn't be easily
      and logically justified. We all do it. We create some disturbance
      in order to find a justification. That is the way lower manas has
      to work by its very nature.

      This was preliminary to another point I want to make. The dear old
      orthodox devil was the most convenient guy that was ever invented
      by lower manas. He covered a multitude of necessities of lower
      manas, cortical mind, because he was the most convenient,
      justifiable, plausible thing in the world to blame. But now that we
      are matriculating from orthodox theology, to our so-called higher
      state of development, we have pulled over into our higher state of
      evolution and developed a new devil - karma. "I've had a terrible
      time ever since I married you, you so-and-so. But I guess it's my
      karma." That is lower manas trying to find a goat. Since we no
      longer have the orthodox devil, we have substituted karma. How
      easily and quickly we do this, because who is going to dispute it.
      It has become common parlance among truth students everywhere to
      say, "Well, it's karma."

      But before this lesson is over you will have to find a substitute
      for karma, just as you found a substitute for the orthodox devil. I
      am about to take it away from you as a convenient thing to blame
      everything on.

      Please refer to the following diagram. Let the largest circle
      represent the Mother Substance, in which the Power-to-be-conscious
      becomes conscious. When we use the term Mother, Mother Substance,
      Nature, please think quickly of Light to energy, to living matter;
      living matter to energy, to Light. That is the substance we have in
      consciousness when we use the labels Mother, Mother Substance, or
      Nature. Nature - that which gives birth. We will use the largest
      circle to represent the Mother Substance when it was completely
      homogeneous, undifferentiated. That would be represented on this
      planet, or in our solar system or galaxy, as hydrogen, out of which
      all of the elements of the periodic table and all other
      configurational processes eventuated. The old nebula hypothesis is
      gone in astronomy. It is hydrogen, which keeps the sun going with
      its prodigious outpouring of light and energy. It is the continuous
      re-absorption of hydrogen, converting it into helium, and the
      energy that is left over in the fusion process. Hydrogen is
      converted into helium; that is the energy of the solar system, the
      energy of the sun on the planet.

      @insert diagram

      Next we have seven differentiations of the Mother Substance,
      represented by the seven large inner circles. We can label these
      differentiations mineral, vegetable, animal, man, the heaven-born,
      and beyond, the orders in Light's Regions. These seven coming into
      manifestation represent the differentiating of the
      undifferentiated, an overall field in which the individual members
      function under the influence of the overall field. In each of these
      circles further differentiation occurs. Let us use just one of
      these circles and describe the process, which goes on in each of
      the seven. We could label each of these the seven angels before the
      throne as described in the Book of Revelations. In the wisdom
      teachings we refer to them as the seven rays of development.

      Let us focus on one of these differentiated circles and label it
      the animal oversoul, the overall field in which all animals
      function, and under the influence of which all animals of all
      species will function. As it becomes further differentiated we have
      seven again.

      There is nothing arbitrary about this number, seven. We do not just
      manufacture that number. There is an order to the cosmic process.
      We have a trinity: structure, function, order. As the order of the
      cosmic process proceeds, there is first one, then two, then three,
      then seven. Four, five, and six appear to be omitted. One, the
      Power-to-be-conscious, becomes two, the polarity of the Positive
      Power and the Mother Substance. Those two become the three, the
      third being the Logos, the differentiated Light, the differentiated
      Intelligence. And the various combinations of those three will make
      the other four. The process does that of itself, so to speak, so
      our division into groupings of seven is not arbitrary. It is
      recognition of what is perceived in the process.

      Let us return to our description of our circles. One of the seven
      represents animal differentiation in Mother Substance. It becomes
      divided into seven species of the animal line of evolution. Four of
      these emerge into individualization. It goes far beyond the purpose
      of this discussion of dharma and karma to describe even the first
      four and the other three lines of evolution relative to the animal
      state. If we would take up the study of evolution, then we would go
      into it and delineate the species development out of the one
      background or oversoul of all animals. But that does not serve our
      purpose here. If we designate the animal species with the numbers
      1, 2, 3, and 4, they would represent four that develop out of the
      oversoul that develop individualization. They are labeled the cat,
      dog, elephant, and horse. I am just using the ordinary terms
      instead of the Latin.

      It is out of these four animal lines of evolution that
      individualization to the man state takes place. One of the
      differentiations of the overall Mother Substance is this animal
      oversoul differentiating through the species of the animal into
      what is called man. But please note: man is not an animal. No
      animal has developed an objective self-conscious state, the
      objective identification that we have been talking about. When we
      say that consciousness becomes conscious of objectivity, that is
      the referent for the word man, and the word man was taken
      originally from the word manas. Man means mind, manas, cortical
      awareness, cortical functions, intellectuality, mentation, etc.
      Manas, becomes predominate in the consciousness, and the
      predominant guna or characteristic of the mind at that state is
      objective identification. So objective self-consciousness on the
      part of the Power-to-be-conscious is 'behind' all of the activity
      which eventuates in Mother Substance. The Power-to-be-conscious is,
      relatively speaking, 'behind', 'in' the activity - it is a higher
      dimensional function. That is why in a lower three-dimensional
      language state we have to say 'in' or say 'behind' and single quote
      it, because it is neither 'in' nor 'behind'. It is a higher
      dimensional operation that is difficult to describe, and most of us
      can't understand it at all. We would have to have an nth
      dimensional functional state to see 'beyond', 'in', or 'behind'
      anything. That is why it is so difficult to step this down to a
      three dimensional description. It is an nth dimensional method of

      It is out of the superior qualities, which are developed in the
      palingenetic cyclic process in these four animal species, the cat,
      dog, elephant, and horse, that objective self-consciousness
      eventuates. Then animalized man develops the form of a man. At that
      state he walks on his hind legs and uses his front legs for his
      arms and hands. That began way back into the early dawn of the
      metamorphosis, the transition from the animal state to the human
      state. At that state the consciousness is still largely animalized.

      In this brief thumbnail description, I now have the basis for one
      statement relative to karma. The individual animal in a given
      species within the oversoul, the animal point of differentiation,
      the individual animal has no karma. He cannot create any karma. He
      cannot do it on the basis that he must develop a dharma before
      karma can be engendered. So let us take up a description of dharma.
      Dharma means the telekinesical motivating force of the
      Power-to-be-conscious as it functions in Mother Substance.
      (Remember our description of telekinesis in the early lessons of
      this course.) Let me simplify the terminology. We have gone through
      this over and over, but I think that it is in order to keep on
      reiterating it. There is a Power-to-be-conscious. The very fact
      that there is an act of being conscious establishes that there is a
      Power to be conscious.

      Many objective identifiers, good aristotelian scientists, have
      claimed that the Power-to-be-conscious is only the result of the
      chemicalization of all the cells plus the overall organization of
      the cells from which the Power-to-be-conscious emerges. But that is
      easily refuted by bringing in an abstract quality, like love,
      terror, fright, etc. which we know can completely rechemicalize the
      cellular structure and its organization. So if there is an abstract
      quality that can chemicalize and rechemicalize the whole
      organization it shows that there is something beyond all of the
      factors and constituents that went into the building and
      organization of that cellular structure. And if there is something
      outside of that structural building and its organization that can
      rechemicalize it, then that which does so is beyond and outside of
      the level of the chemical operations in cellular structures. That
      is absolute and complete proof, because "Water cannot rise above
      its own level." So there would have to be something within the
      chemical range of cellular structures and functions to affect it;
      nothing outside could possibly affect it. The Power-to-be-conscious
      is other than the Mother Substance, irrespective of the form of
      organization which the Mother Substance takes.

      To return to the subject of karma, let me restate it another way.
      Only the violation of dharma engenders karma. Up to the point of
      differentiation from the animal into the human state there is no
      dharma, no personal, individual dharma or karma. We can find
      correlation for that in the Christian Bible. It is stated this way:
      "All manner of sin against man shall be forgiven, but the sin
      against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven in this life or the
      life to come," (in this incarnation or the incarnation to come.) It
      is the violation of the Holy Spirit that engenders the reaction we
      call karma.

      We have two or three more terms here for which we must describe a
      referent. What do we mean by Holy Spirit? And what do we mean by
      the sin against man? Generation after generation man has learned
      how to conduct organized society. And in order to conduct organized
      society and protect it from outside forces and inside disturbances
      man has evolved lots of arbitrary codes. For instance, you go to
      the bank and borrow some money. The whole of the credit system has
      required generations of experience in order to evolve the rules by
      which we borrow money at a bank. There are all kinds of rules and
      regulations for living in an organized society that man has devised
      for his own convenience. Or perhaps some ecclesiastical group or
      dictator or tyrant has issued edicts, rules, and regulations for
      their own convenience, as well as other rules for the protection of
      the people.

      Those rules and regulations that man has evolved and developed are
      all arbitrary. They have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. If one
      violates the rules of man because he might have developed a
      conscientious state where he can't go to war or shoot some of his
      brothers as so-called enemies, he is labeled a conscientious
      objector. But that conscientious objector has only violated the
      rules of man, the rules and regulations for organized society, not
      the rule of the Holy Spirit. There are many other points where one
      cannot conscientiously subscribe to man's rules and regulations. He
      learns to keep that secret and not tell anybody about it and not
      display it by any overt act. But by having a difference with the
      codes and rules and regulations operated by man he does not sin
      against the Holy Spirit. Therefore he generates or engenders no

      Now what about the other point, the sin against the Holy Spirit
      that is not forgiven in this life or the life to come? The nearest
      thing to a qualification that I am going to come to on this point
      is this: My referent for the term Holy Spirit is the point, the
      state, in which the intrinsic Power-to-be-conscious is conscious of
      itself on its own level, Mind Level. Let me restate that. My
      referent for the term Holy Spirit is the point, the state, in which
      the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious in or on its own Mind Level,
      which is the level upon which it functions. When all of the forces
      are brought up through the crown center and the Individualized
      Field on the Mind Level has been developed and perfected, that
      individualized field represents the state in which the
      Power-to-be-conscious is conscious in a given person. That
      represents the dharma to which he must be true and faithful, and
      the violation of which engenders karma.

      Dharma and the Holy Spirit are two labels for one point, one state.
      Sin means sense - sensory experience. After you have dharma,
      consciousness of the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious has
      become conscious, then you go against its direction because of
      sensory registrations and persuasions, you are creating karma, you
      are sinning against the Holy Spirit.

      After one engenders karma, after the violation of the law of one's
      Being, the violation of the state in which his
      Power-to-be-conscious has reached consciousness of Itself, one
      cannot say, "Oh, I'm sorry." One at this state must make
      restitution. That is the law of cause and effect, what Emerson
      called the law of compensation. Did you know that Emerson learned
      to write that great essay on the law of compensation out of his
      study of the Bhagavad Gita and his understanding of the law of
      karma? Of course, back in the time period between 1830-1850 he
      couldn't come out and use the word karma. So he substituted the law
      of compensation, and developed that marvelous essay on the law of
      compensation. Karma is a compensating, balancing of the scale. We
      can quote Christian scripture again about the balancing of the
      scales, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" - provided the sowing is with
      or against the dharma, the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious
      has become conscious on its own level. The sin against the Holy
      Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Self, and the state in which it is
      conscious shall not be forgiven. No one else is concerned. Each one
      within himself, as man in his own secret self walks before his own
      God, must work it out himself.

      We could bring in the word conscience as a deep unrationalized
      feeling of when you are right and when you are wrong with yourself.
      Go to bed at night; get ready to go to sleep. Review every incident
      of the day and see how you feel about what you said and what you
      did or what you didn't say when you should have said it, and what
      you didn't do when you should have done it. This is done all alone
      within yourself. No one is concerned and no one cares. Conscience
      will step in and judge you. Try to reason it away or justify it.
      You will find that conscience is still there. You can argue all
      over the place with it, but you are not arguing with someone else
      to make them think well of you. You are arguing with yourself. And
      if you can't drown it out and it is still there, it stems from the
      law of your Being, from the dharma. The deepest, deepest inner
      state in which the Power-to-be-conscious in you is conscious. Walk
      in the light of that. It has been said, "This, above all, to thine
      own self be true, and then it must follow as the night the day,
      that you cannot be false to any man." Be true to yourself; that is,
      obey your conscience, obey your dharma. Live up to what
      intrinsically the Power-to-be-conscious in you is conscious of.
      Then there is no sin against the Holy Spirit; no karma.

      So when does the dharma appear? Returning to our chart, when the
      large circle was only one of seven in the undifferentiated Mother,
      the dharma was in the overall Mother. The dharma was to
      differentiate, to bring forth, to create in response to the
      activating power of the Power which was activating her. There was
      the dharma. As the differentiations took place down to where the
      individual animal is becoming so self-conscious that it is going to
      make a leap from the animal species to the human, there between the
      animal and the human state, where is the dharma? The dharma at this
      point is not to fall back into the animal, but to come on out of
      the animal group motivations to the human level. That is the only
      dharma at that state. But here the dharma does not pertain to the
      person, the individual animal, making that point. That dharma
      pertains to the oversoul to give birth to offspring thereof. Just
      as one plant will create a vast multiplicity of seeds, so the
      oversoul creates a great number of individualized persons which
      will become human, but the human has no dharma, therefore he cannot
      create karma. The only way that karma can be created is to violate
      the Holy Spirit, the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious is
      conscious. So an individual person has no dharma; consequently he
      cannot create any karma. All sins against man are forgiven; but the
      sin against the Holy Spirit is not forgiven in this incarnation or
      the incarnation to come. We have equated Holy Spirit and dharma,
      the law of Being.

      This human, when he first emerges, becomes a human, still functions
      under an oversoul which pertains to the tribe. It doesn't pertain
      to him individually. He is only in the tribal state of development
      of the human. It is only when he can abstract to the third order,
      being able to recognize one of a class, the third order in the
      abstracting process, that he can think of himself as different from
      the tribe. In those tribes in which there is no ability to abstract
      to the third order, there are no words for me or mine. They are all
      like Charles Lindbergh when he got back from the first flight
      across the Atlantic Ocean. He kept saying "we." The reporter who
      was interviewing him asked, "Charles, who was with you? You say we
      all the time. 'We did this and we did that and we had a hard time
      staying awake, and we ate so-and-so for lunch, and we landed.'
      Where is the we?" "Well," Lindbergh replied, "it was me and the
      plane." He was so identified with the plane that he couldn't
      separate himself and the plane. Tribal man in any tribe that cannot
      abstract to the third order has no word for me or mine. They say
      we, meaning the tribe. Therefore one at that state has no dharma.
      Where does that dharma belong? It belongs to the tribe, the
      oversoul of the tribe.

      As the consciousness of man develops from the tribal state into the
      larger community, consciousness, the oversoul of the tribe, also
      expands and develops into what we call the race psyche. Sometimes
      the label race mind is used. Every person integrated into the
      overall race psyche into which he is born has no dharma; therefore
      he cannot create any karma. There is no dharma to violate;
      therefore one cannot create karma. He functions in response to the
      motivations of the race psyche, the oversoul, the race mind. But
      his lower manas will take lots of credit. At this state his egotism
      can be so big that he thinks he is going to rule the race mind, but
      if you analyze anything he says you can find where it originated in
      the race mind, and he is just automatically repeating it.

      I am saying this: No matter what the mental processes may focus on
      as being original, a person at this state is motivated entirely by
      the influences of the race psyche, the oversoul. We must sharply
      differentiate between mental justifications, egotistical
      assertions, and motivations at this point.

      Gradually the Power-to-be-conscious becomes more and more conscious
      on its own level, Mind Level. And as it becomes more and more
      conscious on its own level there comes 'down' a mandate, "Come ye
      therefore out from among them and be ye therefore separate." That
      doesn't mean to take your physical body and transport it into some
      point of isolation, an island in the Pacific or in the desert. It
      simply means that one can be in the midst of a big crowd and become
      so differentiated within his own consciousness that he is not
      motivated by any force or influence in the race psyche. To come out
      and be separate means to be separate from all motivating influences
      of the race psyche. No oversoul, animal or man, influences one who
      has arrived at this state. He has become so individualized that he
      can be responsive to that still, small voice called conscience. It
      becomes a voice that one can actually hear if he trains his inner
      ear to it. That is factual. It becomes so powerful that he will
      listen to it and nothing else. And you obey it and you obey nothing

      But he will become very secretive about it. He is both wise and
      harmless - no malice, jealousy, hate, or anger. In his wisdom he
      knows that those who violate the higher law are doing more to
      themselves than he would have the heart to do. He can see that so
      clearly that instead of hate or anger or feelings of revenge, he
      becomes extremely compassionate.

      We are still talking about dharma. Dharma emerges with the coming
      out and being separate, when one is individually responsive and
      responsible to himself, after he is free, motivationally speaking,
      from all of the influences of the race psyche. Not until that point
      is reached can he violate his dharma, and by the violation of his
      dharma create karma. Below that high point of individualization,
      the Power-to-be-conscious is becoming so conscious of itself that
      it emancipates and frees itself from all influences of the race
      psyche. At that point, individual dharma comes into operation.
      Below that point the dharma belongs to the race in which he is
      integrated. The race can create the karma, but not the person.

      Here are a few illustrations of racial karma. If we had time to go
      into it, we wouldn't have a lesson on karma; we would have a study
      in karma. Recall the Carthaginians. Cicero never closed an oration
      in the Forum of Rome without pronouncing that Carthage must be
      destroyed! This went on until Cicero built up such agitation in the
      race psyche that eventually the race, like a lot of sheep, began
      clamoring for the destruction of Carthage. So they went to war and
      Carthage, a higher civilization than Rome, was destroyed. Carthage
      ceased to exist. In due time, Rome also ceased to exist. But Rome
      came into existence again in what we call England, and Carthage
      came into existence again in what we call the United States of
      America. Put up a profile picture of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron
      Burr, or George Washington. Next to them put up pictures in profile
      of Hannibal of Carthage and the other Carthaginians. You cannot
      tell the difference! The leaders of Carthage that went down under
      Rome became the creators of this blessed United States of America

      Now watch karma. I said that no person who is integrated in the
      race psyche can create karma. But the dharma and the violation
      thereof belong to the oversoul, the race. It was not long before
      the power of England (formerly Rome) was challenged. And England
      paid for what she, Rome, did to Carthage. This study in karma is
      fascinating, and I would like to entertain you with the
      reincarnation of the oversouls of the different nations down
      through history so that you would understand the inner history,
      because if you understand the inner history you can be extremely
      accurate in prognostication. The Roman Empire (England) has gone to
      pieces. Bit by bit it has fallen apart. Those points are of extreme
      interest to the inner scholar of cultures and civilizations. But
      all of that has nothing whatever to do with "my karma, it must be
      my karma," because the person who has not reached the state of
      individualization doesn't have any karma because he has no dharma.
      He is all tied up and integrated in the race. He prospers and
      suffers with the race in which he is integrated - unless and until
      he is sufficiently individualized on his own Mind Level.

      This lesson is a good foundation for the study of the dharma and
      karma side of our experiences. You can continue it on your own as
      you proceed with your work in expanding your state of

      "Sortem suam quisque amet. Let each love his destiny."

      -Vitvan, Tape series dated 1955 - 1956
      -Marj Coffman, ed. 1999
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