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Fwd: Vitvan's Expanding States of Self-Awareness - Lesson 17

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    ... EXPANDING STATES OF SELF-AWARENESS LESSON 17 In this course of lessons we have followed the diagram of States of Self-Awareness on page 25 (Lesson 4). We
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      LESSON 17

      In this course of lessons we have followed the diagram of States of
      Self-Awareness on page 25 (Lesson 4). We have now arrived in our
      description at the telekinesical level, where the
      Power-to-be-conscious directly exerts its influence, ('internal'
      motivations, as considered from the objective point of view). Also
      in prior lessons we have worked to establish a referent for the
      term telekinesical. In the objective manifold of values we look
      upon this world and everything in it as objective, relative to the
      perceiver of it. We call that the Aristotelian orientation. We are
      familiar with functioning in that frame of reference. In fact, we
      are all so conditioned to it that it sounds perfectly normal,
      natural, and logical. But now we have been dramatically
      precipitated into the new age, the new cycle. In this age of
      technological automation in which our electronic scientists are now
      working and living, great factories can be run by electronic
      gadgets and atomic or nuclear war has become a distinct
      possibility. We must adjust ourselves and our thinking to it. We
      can no longer afford to look upon this world and everything in it
      as 'things' or 'objects'. What we have heretofore called 'things'
      and 'objects' must now be regarded as dynamic configurations of
      incomprehensible energy. Look what a revolutionary process that
      will be - to convert our thinking into this new cycle!

      In the School of the Natural Order we have been trying to inculcate
      that method of thinking for a long time, and in some measurable
      degree, we are making progress. We are beginning to get alert men
      and women to function in it. And what a world is opening to them!
      They no longer live in the old concept of a static creation, and
      then try to account for that creation by postulating some outside
      creator. An outside creator has only one basis - the basis of
      creation. Point to any 'this' and say, "This, this, this is a
      creation." Oh, is it? If we analyze it we find that it is a dynamic
      configuration of light, energy, and dynamic power. There is nothing
      static, created, about it.

      In several of the earlier lessons of this course we went into
      considerable detail in establishing a referent for the term
      telekinesical, which we understand as the way in which the
      evolutionary process proceeds. The search for an outside creator is
      precisely opposite from the referent for the term telekinesical.
      When we seek for meaning, when we arrive at the telekinesical state
      in the developing process, we reverse the direction of search and
      we begin to look 'within'. (Note that we put the word 'within' in
      single quotes to indicate that the word has no meaning. 'Within' is
      based upon the old thingifying, objectifying way of thinking and
      speaking. Just now we are betwixt and between the old habit of
      thinking in terms of objectifying, thingifying, and learning how to
      reorient the thinking in the absence of all objectification. So we
      compromise by using the Aristotelian language, but we put such
      words in single quotes. This reminds us that these words are part
      of what we call the dual throng, words that have meaning only with
      reference to each other: hot-cold, good-bad, within-without, etc.)

      Instead of looking 'out' for a reason or cause or creator of a
      so-called creation, we now look 'in'. But when we get 'in', there
      is no 'in' to it. The creative process becomes the act of becoming
      aware, of being Self-aware. We become aware that we ourselves and
      this dynamic process we call objectivity are only the act of
      Self-awareness. And resting upon the Self which is aware, where is
      'within' or 'without'? It has vanished, along with high and low,
      far and near, hot and cold, vice and virtue, and all the other dual
      throng words. So also are objective and subjective. Once we catch
      that, then we will see that all power, or any power that motivates
      creative processes, does not come from something 'without'. It
      comes from the intrinsic nature of the power to perceive. That
      creative power comes from the deepest 'in', not from the furthest
      'out!' That is telekinesical.

      Let us put this in simple terms that a child could understand. And
      by the way, children can pick this up quicker than adults, because
      children are not yet as canalized in that old
      creation-created-by-an-outside-creator way of thinking. They are
      less canalized in the old manifold of values. That is why we put so
      much stress on training our children. Adults have much unlearning
      to do to counteract the psychological resistance to the necessary
      change and the reversal of the basis of thinking or perceiving.
      When we become conditioned to this new basis of perception,
      evaluation, motivation, etc., we find that any power, force,
      energy, influence, emerges from 'within'. Here is a simple
      illustration that even children can readily see. It is the life
      force in a rosebud that unfolds the bud into the fully blooming
      rose. It is the life force within the bud that responds to the
      light of the sun, the energy and warmth, moisture, and fertility of
      the soil. All of the fertility, all of the rain, all of the
      sunshine, all of the energy, would not produce a rose if it were
      not for the intrinsic life force responding to it. And responding
      to it is telekinesical.

      I know you are reading this lesson, and mentally you may be saying,
      "Oh, yes, yes, yes, of course!" But five minutes after this lesson
      is over you are going to do or say something that has nothing to do
      with 'outside' to account for something going on 'in' you. You will
      engage in some conversation and go blah-blah-blah about some
      'outside' thing that affected you. But nothing anywhere on earth on
      any level can affect you unless this 'inner' intrinsic
      Power-to-be-conscious recognizes it, gives value to it, and reacts.
      Nothing can touch you or affect you in any other way. So stop
      alibiing; stop looking 'out' and justifying and manufacturing
      excuses - for what? For everything that affects you! Look to the
      intrinsic nature of the Self and the state in which it is
      conscious; that is telekinesical. We must begin to practice this,
      and the more we practice, the more this Power-to-be-conscious that
      has been struggling down through the ages to emerge into
      Self-awareness will emerge. The more we practice it, the more it
      will emerge and guide, direct, safeguard, and protect the person
      who orients consciousness to it.

      Let us now move to the last item on our chart that we have been
      following - Unitary Field Theory. (See "States of Self-Awareness"
      on page 25 of Lesson 4.) Heretofore we have been working from the
      configuration, the 'out', 'in'. Now I want to reverse it. Let us
      begin with the field. This outline represents the evolution of
      understanding, not on the part of the students of the School of the
      Natural Order, but on the part of students and scholars,
      everywhere. Little by little researchers, scholars and scientists,
      have labored through these concepts, each one merely a
      representation of the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious was
      becoming conscious. The evolution of education, of learning, the
      evolutionary process of the growing knowledge in the given person
      or in the race as a whole can be understood. We find that interest
      in a given subject did not take place until the motivational force
      of the Power-to-be-conscious awakened it. The Power was becoming
      conscious - Self-aware - and interest in subjects representative of
      the expanding state on the part of the Power-to-be-conscious
      developed. When we glimpse the whole picture, we can determine the
      degree in which the Power-to-be-conscious has emerged. Come right
      down to today (1956). Where is the interest of the top bracket of
      the investigators into knowledge? Where are they functioning? In
      field physics.

      Let us first be certain that we know what we are talking about when
      we use the term Autonomous Field. The book of Genesis describes an
      edict: "Let there be Light." That edict is an allegorical portrayal
      of the union of the Positive Power and the Negative Substance. "And
      the evening and the morning was the first day" - of the creative
      process. If you read the first chapter of the book of Genesis
      carefully, you will see this whole cosmic process, day by day,
      period by period, state by state. But notice that in this
      allegorical narrative it was the fourth day before the
      configurational process took place in which sun and moon appeared.
      Thus it has no reference to what the blessed Aristotelians in
      objective identification would ascribe to light. They cannot
      separate light from the concept of the sun, but today our top
      researchers in understanding and knowledge know that what is called
      an atom is more brilliant, brighter, than the noonday sun. So the
      union of the Positive Power-to-be-conscious and Mater, Mother
      Substance, could be described allegorically as an edict, "Let there
      be Light." That light was the atom of hydrogen. One positive and
      one negative made the atom of hydrogen. We can take it from there
      and go through the periodic table up to uranium and beyond, and you
      will find that it is only a repetition of the same process: "Let
      there be Light."

      Now we turn our attention to what we label the Higher Self, the
      Autonomous Field, the true Individual, the essential, intrinsic
      Power-to-be-conscious in you and in me and in every so-called
      thing. We find that when the union is established between the
      positive and negative, at once an electromagnetic field appears. We
      could go into that technically and get involved in recondite
      mathematics, but that is not our province. It is sufficient for our
      purposes to direct attention to the point that with the union of a
      positive and negative there is an electromagnetic field. The
      electrical field is positively charged; the magnetic field is
      negatively charged. So we could simply say that there is a positive
      and a negative field that appears. This can easily be demonstrated
      with a simple solenoid.

      In any creative process, essentially there must be a field. And a
      field can only be described by the lines of force between its
      positive and negative pole. This may seem elementary, but please be
      patient. We need to begin to think this way. I am emphasizing it
      because not only must we learn to think this way, but we must
      become conscious of the fact that this is the way we actually
      function. We need to grow into the consciousness of the way we

      Let us make it practical, because it is not abstract or recondite.
      Let us illustrate it with something that you can put into practice
      every day and watch how it works. Here is a pragmatic, usable
      illustration. What do you want, and how can you go about getting
      it? The good aristotelians would say go out and get a job, set up a
      business, do this or do that and earn some money. Put the money in
      the bank, and when you have enough money saved up then buy it or do
      it. That is the aristotelian way. But how does a conscious creator
      do it? He remembers that first there must be a field, so he creates
      a field. How? By holding the idea. Now watch. That is not a mental
      concept. He perceives the idea until his consciousness conceives
      it. That conception has a positive and negative pole. One must be
      stimulated, fecundated, mutually reciprocally motivated by a
      positive and a negative, on all levels, even the level of
      germinating an idea. How this occurs seems esoteric, and you have
      to get onto it. This is how it is done. There is a unity, a
      oneness, with a positive and a negative that conceives an idea.

      The next step is to nurse it. Keep it secret. The reason one must
      keep it secret is very simple. It works like steam in the boiler.
      If you exhaust all the steam, there is no steam left to have the
      pressure to drive the engine. Keep internal enthusiasm high, and
      don't open that safety valve. Bottle it up and don't talk about it
      - to anyone. By and by the pressure, the tension, generates. Here
      comes opportunity. A person or a circumstance appears. Is it out of
      the blue? No, because the creative forces of the field reached out
      and tapped him on the shoulder. So nurse the idea, keep it bottled
      up, generate enthusiasm, 'steam', energy, and it will reach out and
      provide what is needed. That energy, that force, does not operate
      in three dimensions. It will reach out and bring what you require
      for the configuration of your idea. Talk about practicality! Why,
      this is the greatest secret of all secrets. This is the way that
      all creative processes work. This is the way the archetypal gods in
      Light's Regions configurate and create galaxies out of which solar
      systems and planets eventuate. This is the way the creative process
      works. How? From the field 'out'. This is what we must do. Try it.
      It will work. What do you want? Get it. The worst that can happen
      to you is that you will learn a lesson that possibly you shouldn't
      have gotten it. But how could you have known that was the last
      thing you should have had? We have to learn, until finally we learn
      that which is more valuable than all other things combined, and
      that is what you can take with you and bring back again. That is
      more valuable than all other things combined. But how are we going
      to learn what is most valuable? By getting what we want! And little
      by little we exhaust everything else except that which we can take
      with us and bring back again. That has supreme value, "... where
      rust will not corrupt nor thieves break through and steal." But
      until that awareness dawns, we are not going to criticize what you
      want, because what you want portrays the state in which the
      Power-to-be-conscious is becoming conscious in you. Understanding
      of this teaching takes away any tendency to try to make one
      yardstick of morals, ethics, etc., for everyone. For instance when
      John Doe won't conform, he's bad; Jane Doe can't see this
      yardstick, so she's off base, ostracized, evil. This teaching takes
      away all of that. We make no judgment whatever, because what you
      want is just as legitimate to you as what I want is to me. What you
      want portrays the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious in you
      is conscious, which is wonderful. Everything is good, irrespective
      of what you want!

      So much for the field and the idea. This field is also called the
      sphere or the space in which a given one functions. Back in the old
      dark ages, the aristotelian age, people of that period thought that
      space was the apparent distance between two or more objects, like
      the sun and the moon, or Venus and Mars, Earth and the
      constellations, etc. Closer at hand, if there were no walls nor
      ceiling nor floor right here they could not get a concept of an
      enclosed space. They had to have three points of reference - walls,
      ceiling, floor - in order to get an idea of space. That was the old
      idea of space. In this new age that is all obsolete. In this new
      cycle that kind of space does not exist. To get the idea that there
      is no such 'thing', imagine that you are out where there are no
      points of reference: no sun, no moon, no stars, no Venus, no
      Jupiter, no constellations, no points of reference. Now in your
      imagination try to get an idea of space. It is non-existent. The
      Robert Oppenheimers, Albert Einsteins, and other such scientific
      types do not think of space in that way any more. They have a new
      kind of space called curved space. That is the way space is
      conceived now. And that is the way we function, in curved space.

      Think of a sphere, the peripheral limitations in which a given
      person's consciousness functions. That is the space representative
      of the state in which that Power-to-be-conscious is conscious. Let
      me illustrate, because we all have to teach by analogy. Without
      analogy we would have a difficult job trying to put over some of
      these ideas. Here is an analogy of what I just said. A child
      growing up in a home knows its room first, from its crib. Little by
      little he or she learns other rooms until it learns its house. That
      is the space in which the child's consciousness functions. He knows
      nothing else outside of that. A little later on he learns his yard,
      all the familiar little bumps and grass and flowers that might be
      in the yard. That yard becomes the space in which the child's
      consciousness functions. Anything outside of it is unknown. If he
      accepts anything from outside of the space in which he functions it
      is metaphysics - pure metaphysics - because it has no reality to
      his space.

      As the child grows up he learns his neighborhood and the town or
      city in which he resides. Let us say the child grows up and becomes
      a pilot. He may talk to others who fly. "Paris, Tokyo, gotta be
      careful when you land in Berlin, it's a little tricky." My gracious
      alive! the whole planet is their space! They are perfectly at home
      talking about London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. We earthbound ones have
      much more limited spaces. Think of the state in which world
      travelers function. The new idea of space is a sphere in which a
      given consciousness functions. Anything outside of that is on the
      basis of belief, on the basis of metaphysics. Something outside of
      my space in which I function is pure metaphysics to me. That is why
      this teaching is non-metaphysical, because we confine ourselves to
      the state, the space, in which we function until we can expand that
      space, that state. Do not hurry past this point. Watch it, because
      it will orient you to life facts. Do not try to function on beliefs
      - that is metaphysics. Confine yourself to life facts. Do not rely
      on your belief system; that is metaphysics.

      Then, as we understand space we begin to understand time. Time is
      the movement of our consciousness upon the space, in the state,
      within the peripheral boundaries of the sphere in which we
      function. Stated simply, time is the movement of our consciousness
      upon the space in which we function. The more movement of the
      consciousness upon the space, the more time; the less movement, the
      less time, until time disappears into timelessness. And space
      disappears because the periphery gets so expanded we can't hold
      onto it any more and we are universalized. We become universalized
      because we can't hang onto the peripheral outline of the space in
      which consciousness functions. That is the only universalization
      there is; when your space gets so big you can't hold onto the

      Then we stand clear in the creative process, identified and unified
      with the Light, that "Light of every man that cometh into the
      world" - that lights every manifestation that comes into the world.
      We are admitted to the great company of the Illuminati. And that is
      something to glorify, to be thankful for, whatever state one might
      be in. It is that which gives meaning and purpose to life, to

      -Vitvan, Tape series dated 1955 - 1956
      -Marj Coffman, ed. 1999
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