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Re: [Gnosis] walk-ins

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  • Sha'Tara
    ... From: ... energy ... be ... the ... Are you a walk-in? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sha : Jokingly, I m more like a run in... Run-ins
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
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      shatara@uniserve@com wrote:

      >Today, I have 2 birthdays. Physically, I was born male, in 1946, in
      >Brittany, France. Spiritually, I was born in 1979, with feminine
      >as the prime moving force this time. Today, I feel and know myself to
      >21. Healthy, young, strong (and female in mind), with much hope for
      >real betterment of the human race I'm a part of.

      Are you a walk-in?

      Sha': Jokingly, I'm more like a run in... <g!> Run-ins with God
      particularly, but also with just about every aspect of the system
      since I can remember.

      How does one answer 'truthfully'? I sometimes believed I was a
      walk-in. Then it seems I settled in too smoothly for that, based on
      the experiences of others who are walk-ins. I am multi-personal. I
      can change personalities within the one physical body, to suit my
      needs or desires of the moment. That's more like it: a kind of human
      chameleon. I am transgendered also, which creates a great flexibility
      of thought and attitudes to life (at least, it has for me).

      The 'secret' to change, I discovered, is not so much in reading other
      people's experiences, or taking on their belief systems, but to
      'remember' who we are, especially the past. I remember many past
      lives in certain details. I also 'remember' lives in other dimensions
      or 'worlds' in certain details. Each of these memories serves to
      guide me in the now; to avoid stupid mistakes, and to know I have the
      skills to do certain things without a diploma on the wall.

      For example, I've lived a past or parallel life where I spend most of
      my time on a very large river, ferrying goods from villages to a large
      center at the mouth of the River. I use a large canoe for this. It's
      a normal life for me. Here, I'm quite the canoe and kayak 'expert'
      though I've never taken any lessons. I paddle a similarly large and
      wild river year 'round and offer lessons to those less confident of
      their ability in this regard. I 'live' both lives as I choose. I
      carry experiences and lessons learned from one 'life' into the other,
      and I am aware of this.

      I also live a parallel life where I have a young daughter and I am her
      mother, in my early twenties. My daughter is quite different, as
      humans go, since she can control her body temperature, and can stay
      under water indefinitely. I attribute this ability to a recurrent
      'gene' from a background as a mermaid. I clearly remember, in vivid
      detail, a life as a mermaid. My name is 'ixiocal-i' which means 'the
      curious one' in that language. Now, that's a long story...! So this
      daughter of mine, whom I call Sha'henna, is both a Nephilim (her
      father is a Pleiadian geneticist or 'scientist' -- an ET) and part
      throw-back to the mermaid age.

      All that this means to me, these scattered vivid awarenesses, is that
      the 'solidity' of Earth is becoming fluid. If anyone here has ever
      seen the movie 'Contact' you will remember that as the dropped sphere
      passed through the rotating arched arms of the 'machine' it
      disappeared for a split second, yet the person inside had a time lapse
      of some 18 hours away from Earth. We are no longer walking on the
      solid ground we used to walk on.

      All of us are walk-ins, in some form. When we enter a new body in our
      mother's womb, we are a walk-in. We are an entity searching for a new
      body; an entity who is eternal; who carries its memories and who
      intends to use what it knows and add to this store of knowledge so as
      to 'move' forward on the path of evolution; of greater and greater
      knowledge within a process we call 'life'.

      That is my view, one view.

      Love to all,
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