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  • eyeambetty <eyeambetty@yahoo.com>
    ... wrote: dear erikka, i pray for those who have hurt you and pray that you can forgive yourself.
    Message 1 of 35 , Feb 1, 2003
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      dear erikka,
      i pray for those who have hurt you and pray that you can forgive
      yourself. love,betty

      from The Testimony of Truth

      No one knows the God of truth except solely the man who will forsake
      all of the things of the world, having renounced the whole place,
      having grasped the fringe of his garment. He has set himself up as a
      power;he has subdued desire in every way within himself...
      ...and how many powers does he have? And who is the one who has bound
      him? And who is the one who will loose him? And what is the light?
      And what is the darkness? And who is the one who has created the
      earth? And who is God? And who are angels? And what is a soul? And
      what is a spirit? And where is the voice? And who is the one who
      speaks? And who is the one who hears? Who is the one who gives pain?
      And who is the one who suffers? And who is it who has begotten
      corruptible flesh? And what is governance? And why are some lame, and
      some blind and some... and some..., and some rich, and some poor? And
      why are some powerless, some brigands...
      ...he having...as he again..., fighting against thoughts of the
      archons and the powers and the demons, not giving them a place in
      which to rest. But he struggled against their passions..., he
      condemned their error. He cleansed his soul from the transgressions
      which he had committed with an alien hand. He stood up, being upright
      within himself, because he exists in the midst of both of them. And
      when he had received the power, he turned towards the parts of the
      right, and he entered into truth, having forsaken all things
      pertaining to the left, having been filled with wisdom, with counsel,
      with understanding, and with insight and an eternal power. And he
      broke open his bonds. Those who had formed the whole place, he
      condemned. But they did not find... hidden within him.

      And he gave command to himself; he began to know himself and to speak
      with his mind, which is the father of the truth, concerning the
      unbegotten aeons, and concerning the virgin who brought forth the
      light. And he thinks about the power which flowed over the whole
      place, and which takes hold of him. And he is a disciple of his mind,
      which is male. He began to keep silent within himself until the day
      when he should become worthy to be received above. He rejects for
      himself loquacity and disputations, and he endures the whole place;
      and he bears under them, and he endures all of the evil things. And
      he is patient with every one: he makes himself equal to every one,
      and he also separates himself from them. And that which someone
      wants, he brings to him, in order that he might become perfect(and)
      holy. When the..., he grasped him, having bound upon... and he was
      filled with wisdom. He bore witness to the truth...the power. and he
      went into Imperishability, the place whence he came forth,having left
      the world, which has the appearance of night, and those that whirl
      the stars in it. This, therefore, is the true testimony: When man
      comes to know himself and God, who is over the truth, he will be
      saved, and he will crown himself with the crown unfading.
    • mina cho
      Yes, you are right. Sophia is two aspects: Mother and Daughter Sophia. But traditionally, also, Goddess has triple characters in traditional thought. I read
      Message 35 of 35 , Feb 2, 2003
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        Yes, you are right.
        Sophia is two aspects: Mother and Daughter Sophia.
        But traditionally, also, Goddess has triple characters in traditional thought.
        I read many books but I can't remember from the name of the books.
        I'm writing my thesis so I haven't afford time to spend too much time here.
        Anyway I enjoy reading and participating Gnostic group.
        A few years ago, I can't find these group discussion through web.
        So I can possible to tell all the sages know Yeats's Will.
        He wants to run till all the sages know.
        Yes, if you are real Chrsitian Gnostic you want to know his Will and at last
        know his real message as secret knowledge. I believe Yeats is the great Gnostic priest and prophetic. He especially dedicated to his life for daughter Sophia, girl.
        Of course Helen is symbol of Daughter Sophia. Anyway I know there is two aspects: Mother and Daughter Sophia. And I wrote about Two aspects of Sophia in my dissertation and thesises. And I have insisted on God is androgyny, Mother and Father. Sophia is Androgyny.

        BitsyCat1@... wrote:
        In a message dated 02/02/2003 17:33:44PM, minane37@... writes:

        << Sophia has three aspects: Mother, Girl, and whore.
        Yeats dedicated his life for waking daughter Sophia.
        All Chrsitian Gnostics should know this mystic secret knowledge. >>

        Sophia Had only Two aspects Perfect and Imperfect/Married and Adulterous./
        It has no in between
        Wise and foolish (but foolish is not Sophia) Therefore the contra Sophia
        is not SOPHIA And Not Wisdom therefore the Contra is not an Aspect
        only the Wisdom is an Aspect of Sophia
        The Wisdom is either with the Father creator or Not with the father
        Not an Aspect.Therefore any designation of Sophia outside of theFAther is not
        true Sophia( But something else) False Sophia
        As in the Gnostic Myth Sophia finds that outside of the Father creator is
        Wisdom at all./ it is folly
        That Sophia would repent of anything outside of the Father Creator
        Is indicative that this is not a true aspect of Sophia
        Therefore either the Sophia is with The Father and is indeed Sophia
        or She is not
        Regards sjohnmoon3717@...

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