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G.L.O.R.Y. News: Issue #4 - October 1st, 2001

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    =================================== The G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Newsletter http://www.GloryWrestling.com Issue #4 - October 1st, 2001
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      The G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Newsletter


      Issue #4 - October 1st, 2001


      1) G.L.O.R.Y. Site News...
      a) Site Make-Over News.
      b) Picture Of The Day Annual Awards.
      c) New Girls.
      d) G.L.O.R.Y. Farewell.
      e) Violet Takes Over Pic Of The Day.

      2) G.L.O.R.Y. Girl News...
      a) Sugar Becomes Genesis.
      b) Erotica D'Vine Injury Update.
      c) PGWA Group Starts On Yahoo.
      d) NECW Looking For Female Talent.

      3) G.L.O.R.Y. Rumors...
      a) Alexis Heads To PGWA?
      b) Anne & Charisma Friction Continues.
      c) Candi & Allison Working Together?

      4) LATE FLASH: Laree/Fyfe Battle For PGWA Gold...

      5) G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Upcoming Shows

      1) G.L.O.R.Y. Site News

      Here we go with some quick updates, news and
      thoughts about the G.L.O.R.Y. site...

      ==> Site Make-Over!

      The G.L.O.R.Y. site make-over is essentially complete.
      We've moved the site to it's new server home and just
      and it's just a matter of adding a few finishing
      touches such as visitor counts. That will be completed

      If you are still going to the "old" G.L.O.R.Y. site,
      make the change in your favorites or bookmark lists

      Go to: http://www.GloryWrestling.com

      The old G.L.O.R.Y. site is no longer being updated, so
      your links to interior pages will be breaking soon
      when the hosting company takes down those pages.

      Can I ask a favor of everyone? For those of you who
      have sites linked to G.L.O.R.Y.: can you check at your
      earliest convenience and make sure that you are linked
      to http://www.GloryWrestling.com I know that many of
      you like to link directly to interior pages...but that
      means that whenever the site changes, your links will
      break. I never know when interior pages will have to
      be altered. But I DO KNOW that www.GloryWrestling.com
      will always bring you to our home page. Thanks!

      ==> 1st Annual Picture Of The Day Awards!

      September 28th marked the one year anniversary of
      G.L.O.R.Y.'s Picture Of The Day. We've brought you
      365 of them...and we want to know which ones YOU think
      are the best.

      We're asking fans of G.L.O.R.Y. to send a list of
      POD nominations for various categories which we've
      listed here:


      Read the instructions and join in! This will only work
      if everyone gets involved. Head over to the site, read
      the rules, and then help us to determine who will be
      the winners of the 1st Annual G.L.O.R.Y. Picture Of
      The Day Awards!

      ==> New G.L.O.R.Y. Girls!

      Admittedly, we haven't been adding new G.L.O.R.Y.
      Girls to the site in the last six weeks or so. Between
      moving the site and the events of mid-September, we've
      been a little behind the curve. But the good news is:

      October will bring a flood of new G.L.O.R.Y. Girls to
      the site. Among the ladies who are prepared to be

      * Shelby Beach
      * Melicious Mel
      * Brandi Alexander
      * Fyre
      * Ariel
      * Lexie Fyfe (Yes, we think we're close!)
      * Flayre
      * Looney Lane
      * Savvy
      * Silhouette

      Did we mention that it looks like it is going to be a
      big month at G.L.O.R.Y.? :-)

      ==> G.L.O.R.Y. Farewell

      As excited as we are about bringing new ladies onto
      the site for you, we also have to report about ladies
      who are leaving. And one of those ladies is Colleen.

      Colleen has been one of the most popular G.L.O.R.Y.
      Girls...even winning a G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Award just a
      few months ago. Recently, Colleen left her "home base"
      of Maryland Championship Wrestling and rumors began to
      swirl that she was actually leaving the business.

      We recently contacted Colleen and found that she was
      in fact, taking herself out of the wrestling business.
      The reason? Simply the fact that she didn't have the
      time to devote to it. Not surprising in our eyes.
      Colleen was always a G.L.O.R.Y. Girl who did things
      100% or not at all. And right now, Colleen has decided
      that she wanted to devote more time to her personal
      life and her family.

      Although we're sorry to see her leave, we wish Colleen
      the best of luck in whatever she decides to pursue in
      the future. And of course, if she ever does get back
      into this crazy business...she is always welcome to
      jump right back into the "G.L.O.R.Y. Arena"!

      ==> Violet Flame Takes Over Picture Of The Day!

      Well, it seems that what comes around goes around.

      It was just a couple of months ago that Phoenix
      hijacked the G.L.O.R.Y. Picture Of The Day and
      demanded full editorial control over its presentation.
      Her demands were the result of a match that she had
      with Alexis Laree. If G.L.O.R.Y. fans wanted to see
      the match photos, she insisted on writing the daily
      picture descriptions herself. In a move that caused
      some controversy among site fans, The WebMaster
      relinquished control to Phoenix for the sake of
      bringing the match pics to the fans.

      The situation comes full-circle starting tomorrow as
      Violet Flame has taken over writing the Picture Of The
      Day descriptions for the next week.

      Her recent matches against Phoenix during Canada's
      national exposition were wild, to say the least. We
      had heard about the action, but were unable to get our
      hands on any pictures. It seems that Phoenix had
      control of many of the official pictures taken during
      the event...and she wasn't about to let us bring them
      to you.

      Luckily, G.L.O.R.Y. was able to track down some photos
      from one of the Violet Flame/Phoenix matches that
      took place when they teamed with their male partners
      for a mixed tag match.

      Far be it from THIS WebMaster to be revenge-minded,
      but the first thing I did was contact Ms. Flame and
      ask her if she was interested in taking over the
      Picture Of The Day duties for that particular series.
      She agreed immediately! It seems Violet was as
      turned-off by Phoenix's twisted account of her match
      with Alexis Laree as most all the other G.L.O.R.Y.
      fans were.

      To follow Violet Flame's guest hosting of the
      G.L.O.R.Y. POD all this week, simply head into the
      site and click the "Picture Of The Day" menu item. Or
      for now, you can just click...


      2) G.L.O.R.Y. Girl News

      ==> Sugar Becomes Genesis

      G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Sugar has become a little less sweet
      and has changed her name to Genesis.

      Why the change? It seems that Sugar has a whole new
      attitude in the ring. She's been training...and she'll
      soon be making the jump from ringside manager to
      in-the-ring competitor. With the new attitude, this
      lady has become more rough, more rowdy and more nasty.

      Yes, Sugar is gone and a new beginning is at hand for
      Genesis. A beginning that promises to be far more
      violent than anything seen from this young lady so

      Watch for the Sugar/Genesis name change and profile
      changes soon on the G.L.O.R.Y. site. Until then...


      ==> Erotica D'Vine Injury Update.

      Erotica D'Vine had been out of action for much of
      September after receiving an injury during a nasty
      eight man tag-team match that took place at APW's
      100th show event.

      The match pitted Erotica's team of Danny Ray,
      Scott McComas, Punchy McGee, and Devon Cruise against
      the team of Kid Kash, Ricky Morton, Chris Hamrick, and
      Jack Miller.

      Erotica D'Vine was injured when she held onto Miller
      from the ring apron as she awaited Ray to nail him
      with a forearm. D'Vine, unfortunately, lost her grip
      on Miller and her teammate smashed Erotica instead!
      Amid the cheers of the 300 fans who enjoyed seeing the
      blonde vixen taking the rough shot, Ms. D'Vine hit the
      floor hard and received a neck injury.

      Diagnosed with what doctors told her was a "stinger",
      Erotica was told to remain away from wrestling rings
      for at least three weeks.

      We're happy to report that Erotica has gotten through
      the three weeks and is back to normal. She tells us
      that she's looking forward to an October full of
      action. To see more of Erotica D'Vine...


      ==> PGWA Group Starts On Yahoo!

      A new Yahoo! Group devoted to the ladies who wrestle
      for the PGWA has been formed and it's taking-off
      quickly. Only a month in existence, the group has
      already logged over 100 members.

      The group, moderated by wrestling insider Shiai Mata,
      reports on the latest news and rumors regarding the
      PGWA women, the PGWA organization, and other ladies
      involved in the wrestling business. Intelligent
      discussions, polls, debates and great features
      highlight the group...a "must-join" for any serious
      fan of the grappling ladies.

      To join the PGWA Yahoo! Group, visit the home page...


      ==> NECW Looking For Female Talent.

      Attention all G.L.O.R.Y. Girls in the New England

      Sheldon Goldberg, owner and promoter of New England
      Championship Wrestling, has contacted G.L.O.R.Y. to
      say that he is looking for femal talent to add to his

      You can check-out the NECW Web site at...


      Or email them at: mailto:NECWOffice@...

      3) G.L.O.R.Y. Rumors

      ==> Alexis Laree Heading To PGWA?

      Rumors abound that Alexis Laree has her sights set on
      the championship of the PGWA. The group, which is
      called "home" by many of the toughest ladies of the
      sport, features Leilani Kai, Lexie Fyfe, Pippa L'Vinn,
      Diane Von Hoffman and Mia Martinez.

      Some think "The Goddess Of Wrestling" is biting-off
      more than she can chew. The feeling of many is that
      Laree is certainly a talented young lady...but her
      chances of beating the likes of Kai and Von Hoffman
      are remote. The experience factor, insiders contend,
      is just too much to overcome.

      Others say that there may be some resentment among the
      many veterans of PGWA also. After all, they've put
      years into their careers. The ladies who have been
      toiling away at this sport for some time might feel as
      though Laree...a relative "rookie" to the ring...is
      trying to accomplish too much, too soon. In other
      words, some feel as though Ms. Laree has not yet fully
      "paid her dues". Or so the thinking goes among some.

      Still others have whispered that Alexis Laree's
      meteoric rise has sparked some plain, old-fashioned
      jealousy. Although no one will say it out loud, some
      apparently are waiting for the opportunity to get
      the beautiful Ms. Laree into the ring just to work her
      over and teach her that the road to the top in this
      business is a long and hard one.

      A case in point is the working-over that Lexie Fyfe
      gave to Laree in a recent Florida match...one that we
      showed you this past weekend in G.L.O.R.Y.'s Picture
      Of The Day. Even a cursory look at those pictures will
      show that Fyfe was not so much looking for the win as
      much as she was looking to dish out some punishment to
      the brunette grappler.

      Unfortunately for Fyfe, she apparently was more
      interested is working over Alexis than she was in
      simply gaining the win. Passing up a few opportunities
      to pin the brunette challenger so that she could
      instead dish-out further abuse, Lexie was surprised in
      the end as Laree was able to pull out the upset win.

      The established ladies in this sport are certainly not
      going to stand aside and give an "easy pass" to
      someone who they feel wants to jump past them on the
      ladder to the top.

      If Alexis Laree does have her mind set on traveling to
      PGWA-Land, she had better be prepared for ring action
      the likes of which she has yet to see in her career.


      ==> Awesome Anne And Charisma Friction Continues.

      We hear from across the ocean that the UK's Awesome
      Anne and daughter Charisma continue to have "issues".

      Those of you who followed the grudge match between
      these two recently on G.L.O.R.Y.'s Picture Of The Day
      know that it was a tough and nasty fight.

      Anne was unsuccessful at trying to pry a submission
      out of the spunky Charisma, although she finally
      pinned the girl after a particularly brutal battle.
      Not getting that submission has been a thorn in the
      veteran grappler's side.

      Charisma, in the meantime, has let it be known that
      her mother went way over the line in their match.
      The youngster has told others that she felt her mother
      wouldn't have beaten her at all if it weren't for some
      questionable tactics. An eye rake, hairpulls and
      vicious slams onto a rather thin mat certainly qualify
      as questionable tactics to some...if not outright
      rulebreaking to others.

      Word is that Charisma is looking for a rematch...a
      rematch to be held in a ring with a referee present.
      Anne is supposedly resistant to the proposal and she's
      told acquaintances that there's no need for a ring or
      ref...she's happy to take on Charisma anytime,

      This family feud is far from settled...


      ==> Candi And Allison Danger Working Together?

      File this one under "HARD TO BELIEVE"...but word is
      that two of the most mortal enemies in the wrestling
      business today, "High Profile" Candi and Allison
      Danger, have hooked-up to form an alliance to take
      over the Premier Wrestling Federation (PWF).

      In a recent tag match, Allison apparently turned on
      her tag team partner and helped Candi and Dylan Night
      to win the match. Fans in attendance were, to say the
      least, shocked!

      They couldn't believe that fan favorite Allison would
      form an alliance with her blonde nemesis. It was

      We don't know what's going on for sure. There is just
      too much "back room" wheeling, dealing and negotiating
      to know what's fact and what's fiction. But we have
      heard that these two ladies are FAR from allies.

      Sources close to PWF tell us that locker room
      personnel have spent more time pulling Candi and
      Allison apart from potential fight situations than any
      kind of planning or organizing which you would expect
      from a newly formed alliance.

      Can Candi and Allison Danger actually coexist on the
      same team? The jury is still out on this one. We think
      the fireworks have just begun.


      >>> Do you have any inside news? A scoop? Rumors
      >>> that you've heard in the locker room? Let us
      >>> in on them! Send your "scoops" to:
      >>> mailto:GloryWrestling@...
      >>> All sources will, of course, be kept
      >>> confidential.

      4) LATE FLASH: Laree/Fyfe Battle For PGWA Gold!

      We just received word that Alexis Laree and Lexie Fyfe
      did meet recently for PGWA Gold in a recent match in
      Winston-Salem, NC. (Earlier in this issue we reported
      that Ms. Laree was, in fact, eyeing the PGWA

      Here's a report of the match from PGWA's Shiai Mata...

      "The championship match took place on Thursday night
      in Winston Salem, North Carolina under the auspices of
      the Professional Girl Wrestling Association.

      This was more than just another title defense for
      Lexie, however. This was a bona fide "Grudge Match"
      between these two! Their rivalry was sparked several
      weeks ago, when both Fyfe and Laree faced one another
      for the newly-created Ladies Championship in the
      Florida Championship Wrestling promotion. In what can
      only be considered an upset, Alexis beat the Foxy Lady
      for that belt (although Lexie is scarcely willing to
      credit her opponent's skill in that victory, insisting
      instead that it was bad officiating which cost her the

      Ever since that fateful night, Lexie has been anxious
      to get Alexis back in the ring again, intent on
      proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who the better
      wrestler is! And Laree has been just as eager to
      fight the Foxy Lady again. After having beaten her for
      the FCW belt, Laree was convinced that she can now take
      down Fyfe for the PGWA crown as well!

      Special Events was able to bring these two champion
      athletes together for a "Grudge Match." Referee John
      Horton was the official in charge, and the first thing
      he did was to present Lexie with a contract that put
      the PGWA belt on the line. She signed it with no
      hesitation at all.

      Alexis was supremely confident before the match. She
      figured that she had Lexie's number now, and that this
      Thursday night in North Carolina was going to be a
      repeat of that night in Florida, with a brand new
      title belt to wrap around her waist!

      The two wasted no time in getting down to business,
      and that was to make the other submit or be pinned.
      It's difficult to adequately explain all of the
      non-stop action, except to say that it was brutal for
      both wrestlers! In the opening minutes of the match,
      Alexis demonstrated why she is one of the most
      exciting young stars in the sport today...and one of
      the smartest! She had definitely done her homework,
      and she put together an arsenal of moves that
      frequently had Lexie in serious trouble! As the match
      wore on, however, Fyfe was able to put her veteran
      experience to work, and she began to figure out how to
      counter many of Laree's moves. Still, Alexis was far
      from finished, and this match blazed away with the
      advantage seesawing back and forth!

      In the end, Lexie managed to summon up the strength to
      execute a vicious Bulldog, which left Laree dazed on
      the mat and helpless to prevent the pin. Referee
      Horton presented Lexie with her PGWA belt, and then he
      had to assist Laree...who was suffering from a
      possible shoulder injury...from the ring."

      5) G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Upcoming Shows

      Visit the G.L.O.R.Y. Site Upcoming Appearance Page for
      more details...

      * October 5th (Friday)
      - Silhouette: IPWA, Miami,FL

      * October 6th (Saturday)
      - Silhouette: Davie, FL
      - Tiffani Monroe: Moorefield, WV

      * October 12th (Friday)
      - Princess Jade:Indiana, PA

      * October 20th (Saturday)
      - Tiffani Monroe: Muncy, PA

      * October 26th (Friday)
      - Lady Vendetta: Vincennes, IN
      - Tiffani Monroe: Marysville, PA

      Thanks for reading
      The G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Newsletter.
      Until next issue...HAVE FUN!

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