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  • camilledad58
    Howdy Glen s friends, That s not everyday than a great country CD came from Australia and, more surprising, from a kitty. Working as publisher of the long
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009
      Howdy Glen's friends,

      That's not everyday than a great country CD came from Australia and,
      more surprising, from a kitty. Working as publisher of the long
      established « Big Beat Of The 50's », The Australian Rock and Roll
      Appreciation Society's magazine, Christina Louise Dicker took her
      guitar to make rock those Kangaroos and Possums. 100% raised on
      wildlife, fresh like a garden spring vegetable, she bring to us an
      unique style with her own compositions.

      Back to the true 50's format of 10 inches records, that CD showcase
      only 7 songs but all from her own pen. No time wasted or fillers on
      that record that will make you « Get Up & Go ».

      Produced by Geoff Peterkin, the Cd open with « Fallin' In Love With
      You », a real downhearted country ballad with the beautiful lap steel
      guitar of Rick Dempster and perfect piano work of Mark Nunis. That
      first song sure make me fall in love with Christina and drinking too
      much and driving too fast. « Cuttin' Loose, Cattin' Around » is a
      boppin' song with the perfect slapp bass work of Guy Lawson and
      strong vocal. « Diggin' It, Daddy » slow the tempo and bring back the
      steel guitar on a bluesy ditty. Even if 3.37 minutes long, that song
      goes as smooth and steady than a cool Hot Rod. There's more Country
      Blues in Christina's voice than on many American singers soul.

      « Low Down & Dangerous » bring the rarely heard Blues Harp played by
      Rick Dempster. The accoustic guitar is greatly played by Libby
      Langford. Another great Bluesy song … « Dyin' With You » borrow some
      to the classic « Fever » with a jazzy guitar and a tasty sax blown by
      Heidi Schaefer. Next came the boppin' slappin' « Get Up & Go » that
      could have fit perfectly to Rose Madox and her Brothers, Glen's long
      time favorite band. A great vocal duet where Christina team with
      Libby Langford. Hot Rock, Cool Blues … complete with screams and
      laughs! Those gals really had a ball.

      To close the record, Chrsitina is back to her blues waitin' « `Till
      Daddy Comes Home ». I don't know if he ever will be back but .. if he
      does, I will sure ask him to let his Dolly recording some more in the
      future. If you dig the 50's country boppin' music that build the Glen
      Glenn's unique style, that record is for you.

      More infos can be find on myspace.com/hillbillykittenmusic or sending
      an email to Christina at kritters@... .

      Camille Daddy
      ARRAS member 2063
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