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Fwd: [B3R List] Fwd: [Announcements] February 2, 2015 Conference Cal

Forwarding for information - Let your comments & suggestions be known. ~Eowyth The Board of Directors is again asking for feedback on an additional peerage.
Eowyth þa Siðend
Jan 28

Fwd: [GW_Equestrian_2015] Ready.... Set.... GO!!!!! Stall reservatio

I didn't see this go out on any other lists, so I'm forwarding (sorry if you receive this multiple times). Gulf Wars STALL reservations are now open! See below
Eowyth þa Siðend
Dec 3, 2014

Lilies 2016 Survey

Greetings! His Grace Joe Angus has posted the following on the Calontir Website, with regards to gathering information for Lilies *2016*. Please take a moment
Eowyth þa Siðend
Nov 12, 2014

Lysts on the Lake 2015, Austin, Texas

For those looking to get involved in Jousting. Eringlin has gone the last few years, and I was able to go in 2013. It is a WONDERFUL experience and you meet
Eowyth þa Siðend
Nov 3, 2014

Re: Hail to the Striking Falcon

Kacey and I will be there. We'll be showing up around 6-ish. If ETA changes, we'll try to give you a call or send a text. I'm going to send you a copy of my
Eowyth þa Siðend
Oct 20, 2014

Hail to the Striking Falcon

Just a reminder for everyone. Hail to the Striking Falcon with the Second Annual Chamfron Tourney is next week-end. We are at the same site as last year,
Theresa Halliburton
Oct 19, 2014

Reminder: (GA) Diamond Wars @ Thu Oct 16 - Sun Oct 19, 2014

Reminder that Diamond Wars is NEXT week 910-16/10-19)! :-) There's a challenge planned and a buzkashi game. As well as pretty trails to ride on and overall a
Eowyth þa Siðend
Oct 10, 2014

Working Jousting Tournament at Gryphon's Fest: Sept 26-28 (Warrenton

​​Greetings from Eowyth! Eringlin and I will be hosting a Working Jousting Tournament this weekend at Gryphon's Fest, in the Barony of Three Rivers and we
Eowyth þa Siðend
Sep 23, 2014

Triumphe - Thank you!

I just wanted to say that we had a GREAT time at Triumphe this past weekend (Cleveland, OK). This is the first time they've hosted equestrians and it went
Eowyth þa Siðend
Sep 22, 2014

Re: September 19-21, 2014 - Triumphe *Equestrian* RSVP'S Needed

Greetings everyone! Triumphe of the Eclipse is happening THIS weekend in Northern Oklahoma. Details are below and I can tell you that we have many fun
Eowyth þa Siðend
Sep 17, 2014

September 19-21, 2014 - Triumphe *Equestrian* RSVP'S Needed

Greetings all! I hope you've had a great summer and are looking forward to this Fall's events! I know I am! I just got back from Cattle Raids in Nebraska, and
Eowyth þa Siðend
Aug 28, 2014

Regional Practice @ Fri Aug 15 - Sun Aug 17, 2014 (Calontir Equestri

And for those in the other corner of the Kingdom (Diamond, MO) - Rhiannon & Chrystopher are hosting a practice next weekend as well. Details are below (Aug
Eowyth þa Siðend
Aug 8, 2014

Fwd: Equestrian Activities (non-horse) at Pennsic 43

Getting the word out! Feel free to forward as you see fit. In Service, Eowyth ... From: 'Linda Charles' via SCA Equine Date: Thu, Jul
Eowyth þa Siðend
Jul 17, 2014

Fw: [calontirequine] August Equestrian practice

Sharing from the Calontir list....
Laura Lecher
Jul 10, 2014

Greetings and Plans for SCA 50 Year Celebration

Recently as DEM-Equestrian for Gleann Abhann I was sent a missive about SCA 50 Year from the Equestrian Marshal in Charge. Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon. 
Amber Everson
Jul 3, 2014
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