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  • jhg@jhgraham.com
    I URGE ALL OF YOU TO CHECK OUT REAL CONSERVATIVE RADIO ON THE INTERNET     http://www.blogtalk radio.com/ stations/ HeadingRight/ freedomist/ 2008/11/13/
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2008


      MIDNIGHT In America - 15 Minutes from "Common Sense" (By Thomas Pain). Shadow Government- SIGN UP for FREE! United "the right." AFN Goes To Washington to talk "Networks". AFN Saturday Event. We escape a trunk under water...just kidding!


      Membership in the AFN


      We have, at present, THREE types of membership: Basic Membership, Premium Membership, and Sponsors



      You can JOIN The American Freedomist Network for FREE and receives lots of great FREE benefits.


      As a Member you agree to the following pledge:


      “I pledge to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America as well as the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Freedomist Principles of limited government with maximum local control the principles of economic freedom, the sovereignty of every member in my community, the right of free association for every private group, club, church, or business, and the absolute local autonomy of my community as a Free Society in which almost ALL decisions that affect local people are made by local people for local people.”


      AFN Members have the following benefits:


      1. Receive an AM and PM Daily Update about AFN Radio and the Freedomist movement in general and about organizations, blog, radio shows, and etc. that are members of the our Blog Network or the AFN Radio Network


      2. FREE Membership for “mutual promotion” in our Blog Network or our Radio Network to help you reach over 10,000 people per week through our Daily AM and PM Updates


      3. FREE basic membership in the Virtual USA Shadow Government In Exile where you can become a Shadow Senator, Shadow Congressman, Shadow Judge, Shadow Governor, Shadow Cabinet Member, or Chairman of a County Town Meeting as well as where you can RUN for President, Vice President, or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court


      4. Access to products and services for MEMBER’S only including a MARKETPLACE for AFN Members (classifieds where you can post items for sale or barter) and premium products, including becoming a Subscriber to The American Freedomist


      We do not sell subscriptions to non-members, ONLY AFN Members can subscribe to The American Freedomist!


      How do you join?


      Simply JOIN our “Freedomist Party USA”, a “non-party”, where you will receive our UPDATES, where you will learn about what we are doing, and where you will be able to discuss issues from a limited government, free market, individual sovereignty, and local autonomy perspective with other Freedomists across the nation and across the “political spectrum”. JOIN HERE: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/FPUSA


      After December 15, 2008 we will NO LONGER send our DALY updates to any individual who is NOT subscribed to the FPUSA group. If you subscribe there and select SPECIAL NOTICES you will receive the UPDATES but will not receive all the messages people exchange. We will REMOVE any individual who is has selected NO EMAIL.


      The BENEFITS of being a Freedomist will not be extended to anyone who is not a member of the FPUSA after December 15, 2008.


      Fed up with the Fed?
      RESIST by “Shadowing Them”
      Joining Protocol
      Here is the PROPER format for JOINING the Shadow Government…
      Your Name (Real Name, we are REAL people)
      Your State, County, and Congressional District (even if you are not “shadowing” anyone from there)
      Your PRIMARY Shadow Position (Title, district if applicable, name of individual, and their Party)
      Up to TWO Secondary Shadow Positions
      Your Caucus
      Then ANSWER the following:
      Would you be interested in being an Administrator for the Capitol facility (these forums)?
      a. researching information, for instance, regarding applicable Senate rules or Constitutional requirements
      b. moderator and managing the forums
      c. heading up a group or caucus
      d. helping to PROMOTE VUSALIVE.com
      e. creating a Shadow Media to track the media and write “news” from member posts
      f. NOPE!
      Here is MY POST:
      Bill Collier
      PA, Perry County , 9th District
      Primary Shadow Post: PA Governor Ed Rendel (D)
      Secondary Posts: PA 9th District Congressman Bill Schuster (R)
      PA Senior Senator, Arlen Specter (R)
      Caucus: Bull Moose GOP
      Admin Function: items a-e
      POST HERE by by STARTING NEW TOPIC http://vusalive. com/gov/posting. php?mode= post&f=2




      Here’s what you get:


      1. Weekly “Secret Intel” on national political news and international news with a focus on understanding root causes, relationships and connections, and possible future developments all in relation to protecting your rights, your person, and your property


      2. POSTING privileges in our VirtualUSA.com Classified and Auction section which will be MARKETED to the general public


      3. A Free “E-Book” every month which will be geared towards entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities, ways to be an effective Activist Elector, and ways to improve your quality of life while protecting your rights, your person, and your property


      4. Access to a “member’s only” area where you will learn how to go “beyond web 2.0” by focusing on using the internet as a marketing and communications tool to build human relationships with LOCAL people who share your beliefs, values, interests, and goals


      5. ALERTS targeting YOUR specific County, Congressional District, and State or the NATION whenever a THREAT emerges against your rights, person, or property, and whenever OPPORTUNITIES or new resources, tools, or organizations emerge that prove to be useful and successful in the fight for Freedom


      6. An INCOME Opportunity as a LOCAL “Club Builder”: you can secure local SPONSORS and resell subscriptions to the American Freedomist and to a local “Freedomist Club” which will combine virtual tools with LOCAL activities to enable sovereign individuals to assert their freedom and their Civic Authority as the Legislators and Jurists in their community


      7. A “Premium” membership in VUSALIVE’s “Shadow Government” which entitles you to a Regular seat in the House of Representatives (however, if 70% of your Town Meeting members vote to remove you for malfeasance or if you become inactive, you will be removed) and also a BLOG related to your Congressional District (the address will be www.afn50.com/ yourstate/ your district number  or, as an example, www.afn50.com/ PA/17)


       8. Membership within The American Freedomist Board of Advisors which will debate issues we should be covering and help advise us regarding editorial policy and features and functions we need to add to our network


      9. DISCOUNTS on other programs


      The PRICE for this service is only $45 per year however this service is ONLY available to members of The American Freedomist Network however, if you go to http://blog. freedomist. info/subscribe you can STILL get the $5 every three months deal UNTIL we have finished installing the auction site, the classified site, and finishing afn.com and vusalive.com. If you SUBSCRIBE NOW you will be LOCKED IN at that price!




      AFN National Sponsorship


      We have already received interest and commitments for our $95 every three months program that leads to profit sharing based on participation and eventual “vested ownership” of SHARES.


      Here is the deal folks.


      You PLUG IN to a role within the AFN helping us  with a specific project or with back-room work such as research, promoting the AFN, or technical support. You participate by SUBSCRIBING to our National Sponsorship Program and by investing 15 or so hours per week or more.


      As we SELL sponsorships, subscribers, premium memberships in Freedomist Clubs, and Club Builder subscriptions we SHARE 30% of our profits with participants based on their level of participation over a 90 day period. We are setting up a PHPProjekt site for these National Sponsors who pay $95 every three months and who participate by investing TIME.


      What do these Sponsors receive?


      1. A FREE Subscription to The America Freedomist


      2. FREE Web-hosting for up to 5 domains with free installations of WordPress MU for one domain (we charge an extra $150 to move your old articles and build the structure of your Blog)


      3. A Special Spot in our Resource Directory for up to three entities you want to promote


      4. Profit sharing based on level of participation (we will share 30% of our profits with participants)


      5. FREE membership in the Club Builder Program if you wish to develop a local NewsBlog (covers areas with around 30,000 or so people)


      6. RESELL rights to the American Freedomist ($45 per year), you keep $30 per subscription sold by you or your blog, radio show, and etc.


      7. A MONTHLY “Feature Article” in one of our Updates promoting your business, ministry, group, or blog to AT LEAST 10,000 people (we will take your information and turn it into a 700-1200 word feature article)


      8. A SPOT in our “Sponsor’s Directory” which will be included on the bottom of every UPDATE


      9. A 30-second commercial which will be aired on various AFN Radio Shows (you provide audio, for $100 we will cut the commercial)


      10. We will place ads for up to three entities of your choice throughout www.vusalive. com/gov and our Blog (we receive over 3,000 visitors per day to these websites)


      This is entirely TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a “Marketing Expense’ for any business or non-profit.


      After 6 months, those who average more than 15 hours of work per week will receive VESTED shares as we INCORPORATE the AFN. You will share 30% of the Corporation with all participants, the Freedomist Party USA will own 20%, Jenna’s Digital Empire will own 20%, Kross Publishing will own 20%, and 10% will be owned by “The Jesus Community”, a Christian “Society” which will be owned by participating ministries and churches and which will focus on Christian Civic Action, Preaching the Gospel, and Building Christian Community.


      HOW can you sign up?


      FIRST you need to JOIN the FPUSA Group at http://groups. yahoo.com/ fpusa and www.vusalive. com/gov


      SECOND, you need to CHOOSE a role:


      1. researcher- we will ask for things we need researched or for regular searches of topics (we specially need help with News Scope, looking for news and links of YOUTUBE or audio files)


      2. promoter- we will give you a plan, or build one with you, to promote a specific site or the general site (we will be focusing on virtualusa.com and afn50.com)


      3. “property manager”- we have numerous properties you can manage including: conservatives- in-exile, conservative revolution, americanpolitcalblo gs, americansportsblogs , conservatives in exile, BullMooseGOP, Palin4Prez.tv, The Jesus Community and MORE. As a Property manage you post information, manage members, manage a Yahoo Group, and generally keep it looking “active”


      (NOTE: there is a revenue sharing potential here as we will share 30% of all ad revenue generated wit the Property Manager but this is also more involved)

      4. technical support- WordPress experts, HTML experts, web designers, graphics arts designers, Video and Audio experts, and PHP experts can help us to customize our forums, communities, sites, and etc. IN RESPONSE to the wants and demands of our members- we START SIMPLE and VERY BASIC and add features and tools as they are ASKED FOR by members, especially by paying members


      5. admin support- we will need people who have business admin and management skills to help with accounting, writing business plans or marketing plans, and handling administrative functions including member relations and customer service


      You can choose a PRIMARY area and a secondary area then give us your available schedule.


      THIRD Pay the $95 fee to get started, once you approve your ads you will make the first payment...


      WHO can join as a Sponsor? You can join as an individual or as a business or non-profit entity and will be billed as you choose, in other words as a business, ministry, or individual. If a group of people form a partnership to share this cost and participate together, we will bill the designated person but we will include the work of ALL “partners” in the profit sharing program.

      SIGN UP by emailing upadaria@yahoo. com or calling me at 717 503 1645!



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