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Davy Crockett & Gillespies

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  • lairdkinna
    Interesting article in The Tennessean re Gallatin, Sumner Co. TN resident David Vaughn and Davy Crockett. However, no mention of DNA in the article. Have to
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      Interesting article in The Tennessean re Gallatin, Sumner Co. TN resident David Vaughn and Davy Crockett. However, no mention of DNA in the article. Have to watch the Genealogy Roadshow to find out and also see if there is any mention of the surname Gillespie.




      Catch the series Mondays on PBS from the 23rd of September, 9pm Eastern Time. 

      The birth place of Davy Crockett is just down the road from the old stone house built by Gillespie DNA Group 1 Hap I2b ancestor Col. George Gillespie.  As yet we have been unable to determine a common ancestor between Col. George Gillespie and other lines within Group 1.

      Online comments by Gillespie DNA Group 2 Hap I1d descendant Dennis Glazener provide a connection between Davy Crockett and the Gillespie Rifle Makers who belong to Group 2.

      See all links below.



      I1d L22>L813 "UltraNorse2" = Scandinavian Scots/Ulster Kittler 15-14 (Grp 2)
      I2b M223>M284>L1195>L369/L137/L126 Isles-Scot, Kittler 16-15, DYS635 =19 (Grp 1)

      64340 Col. George Gillespie bc1735 IRE>Washington Co. TN

      74732 Col. George Gillespie bc1735 IRE>Washington Co. TN


      Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park

      1245 Davy Crockett Park Road
      Limestone , TN 37681-5825

      Davy Crockett's Birthplace has been preserved by the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation as an historic site within the state park system. The site consists of 105 partially wooded acres of land along the Nolichucky River in Greene County, Tennessee.






      Gallatin resident David Vaughn, center, will have his family history pieced together to find out if he is actually related to Davy Crockett during an upcoming episode of 'Genealogy Roadshow.' The episode will air Monday, Sept. 23 on PBS.


      From: "T. Dennis Glazener" <tdennis@...
      Subject: Gillespie - Crockett family ties 
      Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 08:51:56 -0400

      I am a descendant of the William Gillespie family of Botetourt County Va circa 1740-80.

      William's son John Gillespie was the first of 10 known gun makers in early Buncombe/Henderson county NC circa 1800. 

      I published a book on this family and have since received family "stories" of one of Davy Crockett's 2 rifles, used at the Alamo, being made by one of the Gillespie families.

      The story describes the rifle and the curator at the Alamo confirms ownership of a rifle close to the one described but does not have a story associated with it. The story indicates that one of the Gillespie's was related to Crockett and prior to his departure for Texas gave him a rifle.

      In trying to unravel this story the only tie that I can find between John Gillespie and the Crockett's is via John's nephew William Thomas Gillespie b: 10/21/1784 d:9/25/1875 in Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA William married twice, after his first wife's death he married Jane (Jennie) Draper Crockett b: 2/27/1804 and d: 1885 Tazewell Va.

      (In addition to the NC Gillespie gun makers I have seen rifles from the eastern KY/TN Western VA area marked Robert Gillespie and have to assume this gun maker is related to my NC Gillespie's. This branch of the family may have been the Gillespie that gave the gun to Crockett or he may have received it from one of the NC Gillespie's in his travels to Buncombe county NC)

      This could be the tie mentioned in the story but I am not sure if this Jane Crockett is related to Davy Crockett or not. Would appreciate any information that is available on this person.

      Kind regards,
      Dennis Glazener
      Midlothian, Va

      From: "T. Dennis Glazener" <tdennis@...
      Subject: Bud - Gillespie - Crockett family ties 
      Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 16:28:22 -0400 

      Thanks for the info and links for Crockett genealogy. I am sure I will be spending some time digging through this maze!

      "Did the Gillespie's make Davy's long rifle "Betsy"?" The short answer is maybe.

      I suspect that Davy Crockett had many rifles and probably all were referred to as "Betsy" with the exception of the one give to him by the Young Wigs of Phil. He referred to this rifle as his "Pretty Betsy". It was left at his home in TN when he left for Texas.

      As to the "story" of the Gillespie/Crockett rifle, the call I had, and I called another family member and got a little different story goes this way:

      One of John Gillespie's son's moved to Holston area of Va/TN and married one of D. Crockett's relatives. When he left for Texas he was given a Gillespie rifle that had a "ivory" (understand this is a very dark colored walnut) walnut stock made from a walnut tree cut on Forge Mountain in Mills River NC near Mathew and Philip Gillespie's shop. The rifle supposedly had a 5ft 3 inch barrel.

      I got in touch with the Alamo curator and they confirmed they have a rifle that fits that description but did not have a "story" associated with it.

      I guess its a good chance that some of this story may have some truth to it. Elizabeth Patton Davy's second wife was from Swannanoa NC not too far from the two Gillespie shops (East Fork and Mills River). Also at least 3 different Gillespie/Crockett marriages exist. There also was another Gillespie gun maker that lived in the Holston River area (Robert Gillespie) so who knows, it may very well be true.

      " Got a spare copy of your book? I'd love an autographed one. See
      www.GillespieRifle.com for information/picture of the book "Gillespie Rifle Makers of East Fork NC"

      Let me know if you get it figured out I followed where all Davy moved to and his father Lincoln Co. Franklin Co. Obion Co Giles Co. Morristown, etc, but don't know how this might match up with your Gilespie locales." I am not real familiar with the Gillespie lines that moved to the Holson River area of VA. I do know that several of John's family including his father (for a short while) lived in the Holston River area (Smyth county I think) before he moved to SC. Later several of his siblings moved from SC to Tazewell area.

      Kind regards,

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