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FTDNA - LAB - Dr. Thomas Krahn & Astrid

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  • lairdkinna
    Dear Gillespies, There has been an unexpected change at the FTDNA lab. Dr. Thomas Krahn and his wife Astrid are no longer employed by FTDNA. Thomas Krahn
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2013
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      Dear Gillespies,

      There has been an unexpected change at the FTDNA lab. Dr. Thomas Krahn and his wife Astrid are no longer employed by FTDNA.  Thomas Krahn helped to build the FTDNA lab and has been a driving force behind the discovery of new SNPs. The "draft tree" and "Ymap" were his effort and currently the links to both are not functioning. Below is the email that Thomas posted to Genealogy-DNA on Saturday.

      The DNA community is experiencing this as a great loss and hope that Thomas and Astrid will find another venue very soon in which to continue their great work.

      Below that is a message posted on the Yahoo L21 list from David Reynolds. David is a DNA volunteer who analyzes new SNPs in the R1b L21 section of the tree.

      I have also added links to the relevant pages at ISOGG - The International Society of Genetic Genealogy. Please refer to those pages for any questions re SNPs since we no longer have the "draft tree" at FTDNA on the ADVANCED TEST PAGE.



      Who's Who At Family Tree DNA

      Thomas Krahn

      Dipl.- Ing. Biotechnology and Genetics

      Thomas Krahn is our Chief Y chromosome scientist and a Member of FTDNA's Scientific Advisory Board.

      Thomas has planned and established FTDNA's Genomics Research Center in Houston. He graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with an MSC (Dipl. - Ing.) in biotechnology and genetics. He started his own DNA-Fingerprint laboratory in Germany in 2005, which later became the foundation and knowledge base on which on the GRC laboratory was built. Today, Thomas focuses on Y-Chromosome specific research. He has discovered an uncountable number of new haplogroups. Among them is the oldest contemporary human A00 haplogroup that revolutionized the complete Y-tree topology and extended into the past the understanding of modern humans by more than 50,000 years. He is the inventor of the Walk Through the Y project and maintains the Ymap and Ytree databases that FTDNA provides at no cost to the scientific community.





      Sat, 31 Aug 2013

      From: Thomas Krahn thomas@...


      Subject: [DNA] E-mail Address Change for Astrid & Thomas Krahn

      To: GENEALOGY-DNA@...

      Dear List,

      Astrid and I will use our DNA-Fingerprint E-mail addresses in the future.




      We have no longer access to astrid@... and thomas@....


      We have currently no access to your customer data at FTDNA.

      Of course we are still committed to bring DNA testing for Genealogy 


      purpose forward, but we are no longer employees of Genebygene.

      Thomas and Astrid Krahn






      This is being extensively speculated on in a couple of different forums.

      What we know for a fact:
      * ymap, ytree, and finch2 were shut down late last week
      * Thomas announced Sat. on DNA-L that he and Astrid were no longer with FTDNA
      * I queried Max Blankenfeld Sat. (Bennett is apparently in Nepal, sans internet), and he stated that the FTDNA lab would continue to provide all services it has been, and that there would be some kind of communication going out to the public about this

      In he absence of ymap, I have been hastily assembling a spread sheet of all known SNPs. Not complete yet, but currently has ~45K SNPs listed.

      The ISOGG SNP Index main page provides the above hyperlink as of yesterday, in addition to the standard web page, which is still provided as well (and will continue to be provided in the future).

      david (Reynolds)

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