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952FTDNA's 2013 GEDCOM Purge

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  • lairdkinna
    Dec 28, 2012
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      Charles Moore just forwarded this message from the ISOGG group on the R1b U106 Yahoo site. So I am posting it here also to remind everyone of this impending purge by FTDNA.

      Below is the message that has been posted on testee personal pages for months. If you already have a "COMBINED" GEDCOM uploaded there is no need to worry. However, all the GEDCOMS that have separate PATERNAL/MATERNAL files like the one below on my brother's kit (yeah, me too!)will be PURGED - as in REMOVED, GONE, HASTA LA VISTA BABY!

      This means that GEDCOMS that you might be using for matches will be GONE if they were uploaded in this older form where PATERNAL and MATERNAL GEDCOMS were uploaded separately. Many of those GEDCOMS may never reappear in a combined form and the data will be lost forever.



      We are currently transitioning to a combined GEDCOM system at Family Tree DNA. By the end of 2012, all paternal and maternal GEDCOM files will be purged from Family Tree DNA records. When you upload a combined GEDCOM, your existing paternal and maternal GEDCOM files will be overwritten and replaced with your combined GEDCOM. To upload a combined GEDCOM, click the Next button.

      Paternal Ancestry
      View your pedigree chart | Delete your pedigree chart

      Maternal Ancestry
      View your pedigree chart | Delete your pedigree chart


      Forwarding an important reminder from ISOGG Executive Director Katherine Borges:


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      From: "katherine_hope_borges" <kvjjmmborges@...>
      Date: December 28, 2012 12:24:21 PM CST
      To: ISOGG@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ISOGG] FTDNA's 2013 GEDCOM Purge
      Reply-To: ISOGG@yahoogroups.com

      Greetings all,

      I've been sending out FTDNA sale ending reminders to my project participants and decided to also remind them to copy down GEDCOM info for their matches because after the first of the year, FTDNA plans to purge the existing GEDCOMS. (There's a notice about it on your "My FTDNA" page if you haven't seen it)

      When I was in Houston, I pleaded with Elliott and Max not to purge them but to no avail. The project of mine that has the most GEDCOMs uploaded is FULLER. Doug and I would do this for many of our participants and no longer have access to the trees we created (on old hard drives that have since imploded). I am major DREADING the purge...hundreds of hours and trees down the internet ether...

      So you may want to add this to your imminent 'To Do' list - New Year's Eve/Day would be a good time - you can avoid the drunk drivers and quietly usher in 2013 doing yourself a genealogical favor by saving your matches info.

      Kind regards,