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950Re: [GillespieDNAProject_discussion] Re: DNA Kit # 122884 - Group 2

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  • gil mac
    Nov 8, 2012
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      I came across some information about Lucy Pickens that says she is the aunt of General Andrew Pickens.

      On another note I came across this reference to a Joseph Gillespie and another Matthew Gillespie who were friends of Abraham Lincoln. Can anyone place this Gillespie line? http://genealogytrails.com/ill/madison/bio_mc.html

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      Subject: Re: [GillespieDNAProject_discussion] Re: DNA Kit # 122884 - Group 2

      Hi, I live in Pickens, SC and there its much mystery about the origin and lineages here. I'm a member of group three and my family has been here for many generations. My family supposedly didn't arrive in the Pendleton district of SC until the 1830's but I found records that the property in Garvin Township, that my grandfather grew up on, was owned by a Gillespie in the 1790's. There have been several marriages between groups of none related Gillespie' s here as well. Is there anyone with any information about this area who would be willing to share?

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      Re: [GillespieDNAProject_discussion] Re: DNA Kit # 122884 - Group 2

      Yes Lucy pickens is related to Andrew pickens.
      Not sure if there is a common ancestor between the Pickens/Gillespies and the rifle gillespies.
      It is really not even proven that Matthew and Lucy Gillespie are the oldest ancestors, as there is no written document listing their children.
      You can view my tree at:
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      From: gil mac
      Date: 10/16/2012 12:57:32
      Subject: Re: [GillespieDNAProject_discussion] Re: DNA Kit # 122884 - Group 2
      Sir, do you have any idea of who are last common ancestor was from the group 2 Gillespie family? Also, do you know if Lucy Pickens was related to General Andrew Pickens. He was from Bucks County Pennsylvania and she lived there for a while. 

      Also, I found a reference to a Gillespie rifle that is on display in Kentucky and is purported to have Daniel Boone's name written on it. Is that a fake or the real deal? http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/pageload.cgi?1019::gillespie::2067.html



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      Subject: Re: [GillespieDNAProject_discussion] Re: DNA Kit # 122884 - Group 2

      Sorry I thought you meant the name of the person it belongs to. Everyone, every kit in the Word file I sent you is a part of Group 2.

      On 8/9/2012 5:58 PM, lairdkinna wrote:
      Kit 122884 belongs to Group 2.


      Group 2 - I-L813/Z719 (ISOGG I1a2e) "UltraNorse2" subclade = Norwegian Viking Scots, Kittler 15-14

      122884 Matthew Gillespie (IRE) m. Lucy Pickens 1722 PA

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      > Which group does Gillespie DNA Kit #122884 belong to? Group 1 or group 2?
      > Thanks
      > Gil

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