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838DNA project assistants and bloggers wanted

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  • lairdkinna
    Mar 7, 2012
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      The Gillespie DNA Project is requesting assistance again in several areas.

      Are any of you great writers or bloggers?

      Our project is in need of someone to write updates about our project and how DNA testing has influenced our genealogy research. I would like our Gillespie Blogger to coordinate with the Gillespie Group co-admins and assistants.

      Anyone interested in writing a blog about their specific Gillespie GROUP or line is also encouraged to submit their story.

      We would like additional GROUP assistants so the work load can be spread around and we can accomplish more.

      We also need someone to take the Haplogroup R1b folks under their wing. R1b Gillespies represent most of our smaller GROUPS and unmatched testees. Hopefully in the next few months Family Tree DNA will present their updated HAPLOTREE. It has been more than one year since their official tree has been undated. Many new SNPs have been discovered during that time and are shown on the FTDNA DRAFT TREE. New individual SNPs are available for purchase for $29 each. When the new official tree arrives (hopefully including all the new SNPs) it would be a good time for many of the R1b kits that have never ordered the DEEP CLADE HAPLOGROUP TEST to do so at a cost of $89. Our project would like an assistant in place at that time to assist our R1b testees and advise about new SNP discoveries.

      Just a quick reminder about the effect of haplogroups for our separate Gillespie GROUPS – for example - if you Gillespie line tests as haplogroup R1b M222 GROUP 5 or 6, that direct male Gillespie line cannot be a descendant of haplogroup I2b GROUP 1 or haplogroup I1d Gillespie GROUP 2. If your kit is M222 your direct male line Gillespie genealogy cannot meander from Gillespies in M222 to Gillespies in I1d and on to Gillespies in I2b. Gillespies in one haplogroup cannot be related along the Y-DNA line to Gillespies in a different haplogroup. Haplogroup R1b U106 GROUPS 7 and 8 are not related to R1b M222 or I2b, etc. There may only be 2,000 years between the common ancestor of haplogroup R1b L21 Group 13 and M222, but the time span between haplogroup R and haplogroup I may be tens of thousands of years.

      Bottom line – you may find old genealogies or online genealogies that place R1b, I2b and I1d Gillespie men into the same direct line family tree – but they have not benefited from the discoveries of our DNA testing and are in error.

      Please email me directly if you are interested in helping our project.
      Connie McKenzie – Gillespie DNA Project Volunteer Administrator (lairdkinna@...)

      All project administrators, co-administrators and assistants are volunteers and receive no compensation.