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493Madison Co North Carolina: Henry Gillespie - Judith Askew family mid 1800's

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  • flcombs@att.net
    Apr 3, 2008
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      Is anyone participating in the DNA study looking at this family:
      Henry Gillespie m Judith Askew of Madison Co, NC from the
      mid 1800s?
      I have some very important information that may help, if not now
      at least later if someone starts trying to work that family.
      The bottom line is that there was a court case to settle Judith
      Askew's property (and her brother's) around the turn of the
      century (1900) with a lot  of depositions from people concerning
      the determination of heirs, etc.  From that information, apparently
      only one of her children is a Gillespie and the others are not.  I
      know THAT information would be very handy if you try to do some
      DNA research on them!
      Patricia Morrow and I have been researching the family, and she
      found a lot of valuable Madison County NC court documents,
      including several depositions, that provide a lot of family information. 
      I won't go into a lot of the legal details unless someone wants
      them since they are spread over many documents, but the main
      importance for genealogy and DNA is:
      Henry Gillespie apparently married Judith Askew, but wasn't
      there for long.  Her first child, Matilda, was his.  I'm not sure of
      where Henry Gillespie fits in a Gillespie family, but at least he
      wasn't living there and didn't die for some time.  He wasn't
      in the census data with the family for many years, and I didn't
      know what happened to him.  There was testimony that he
      came back just twice over several years to visit others,
      so he wasn't dead when he wasn't showing with Judith. 
      Her second child, Minerva, may be the child of Thomas Burnett
      according to a couple of the depositions that seemed to have
      the most detailed knowledge, but others said Phillip Price.
      The rest of the children, James, William, Jesse, Clersey (Clarissa),
      Lizzy (Elizabeth) and Patty (Thomas P) were said to be the
      children of Phillip Price.
      I don't know the truth of it of course, but it does look like she
      was not living with a husband during those years.  Around
      1900 several people were still living that knew her from those
      years and had a common belief about the children.  One
      claimed to hear Phillip Price tell William that he was William's
      I don't have the male Gillespie line to participate in the DNA
      study (probably a good thing NOW! :-> ), but I've been participating
      in a Combs DNA study.  I know how important this kind of
      information might be to someone, so thought I'd share it in case
      it helps someone sometime.
      Frank Combs


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