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  • passagio55
    Nov 3, 2007
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      Hi Ginny,

      There might be a connection through my great-grandfather-Connell's-parents, James F
      Gillespie and his wife, Margaret Boyle. Both in Teelin-Ballymore townland. The thing
      that's so intriguing is that Cashel is pretty much right next to Ballymore. I'd say the
      chance of a distant connection anyway, at least exist.

      I will speak to my uncle soon about getting this done.


      --- In GillespieDNAProject_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Ginny Folsom" <adlady@...>
      > HI..
      > Below is a summary of information starting with Charles E. Gillespie,
      > born Mar. 3, 1882 in Glencolumbkille, County Donegal, Ireland. The area
      > of Glencolumbille was called "Cashel'. Charles E. was one of 3 sons and
      > 1 or 2 sisters.
      > Brother John Gillespie married Bridgett. They had 6 sons and three are
      > still living in the area.
      > Charlles E. Gillespie, (our grandfather) married Sarah Ellen Doherty on
      > May 1, 1915 in Maryhill District of Glasgow Scotland. Charles came to
      > USA ..arriving 7th Nov. 1928. Wife and three children arrived 13th of
      > April 1929. From records and names on marriage certificate we see that
      > both of Charles E. Gillespie's parents were deceased at that time. #
      > Brother Henry Gillespie came to Chicago, Illinois (in 1920s?) and
      > married and had 5 children. He worked on street cars.
      > Sister Mary and possibly sister Anne, (no further info.)
      > # Parents as listed on Charles E. Gillespie 1915 marriage records in
      > Glasgow Scotland:
      > Owen Gillespie, deceased, farm labourer (He was also referred to as
      > Eugene Gillespie) He was born and died in Donegal.
      > Catherine Cunnion (Gillespie), deceased. (Catherine's last name has
      > been spelled Cunnea or Cunea in Ireland.)
      > Was the other close match someone in Texas? I was in contact with
      > someone this spring, who actually lived about 100 miles from us and
      > indicated his family had been here since Washington's time. His kit was
      > an exact match to our kit.
      > From interviews with living cousins in Glencolumbkille, County Donegal,
      > we believe this line of Gillespie's have been in the area for at least
      > 150 years. My grandfather sold his section of land to come to the USA,
      > and he inheritied it from his father who died before 1915. This area of
      > Donegal is right on the Northwestern coast. It was divided up when the
      > English implemented more controls (Plantation). The native Irish were
      > given the rocky area and that is easily seen when looking at the area
      > and visiting with relatives. I have been told that "Cashel" means rock.
      > Best wishes,
      > Ginny Folsom
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