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1140SNP testing

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  • lairdkinna
    Jul 14, 2014
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      More questions about SNP testing.

      SNP - (pronounced SNIP) - Acronym for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism.  A SNP test confirms your haplogroup by determining if a SNP has mutated from itsderived or ancestral state.  A SNP is usually found on a different area of the Y-chromosome than where the YSTR markers are.  Sometimes, a SNP may cause anull result on a marker.


      SNP testing - ISOGG Wiki



      Click on the NEWBIES and RESOURCES pages at ISOGG to learn about the various areas of DNA testing.

      The GLOSSARY is the best place to start to learn all the terms common in our DNA testing hobby for genealogy.

      DNA-Newbie is anyone new to the field of genetic genealogy.

      Below is the SNP test results page for our Gillespie DNP Project. You will see some kits with no SNP test results listed and some with a few and some with a large number of SNPs - those kits likely tested BIGY.


      If the haplogroup designation is listed by FTDNA in RED type then no SNP testing has been done and the haplogroup is PREDICTED only. If the haplogroup is listed in GREEN type then some amount of SNP testing has been done by that kit.

      In the past few months FTDNA altered the haplotree and haplotree designations - supposedly as an upgrade using results from GENO 2.0.  Unfortunately, the SNPs which were included in GENO 2.0 only include some SNPs that were known back in 2010. During the past 4 years the entire DNA testing community has moved well past what was known about the haplotree WAY back in 2010. So, the FTDNA haplogroup "update" done by FTDNA in the last couple of months was out of date and did not reflect advanced SNP testing and what we know in 2014.  Project administrators have been emailing FTDNA regarding all the mistakes.  FTDNA is doing what it can to make corrections, but it will take time. Even when they get to a point they are comfortable with, their haplotree will NOT reflect all that we know in 2014 and will NOT include all that we continue to learn from BIGY.   FTDNA has promised another haplotree update toward the end of the year.

      For our Gillespies, I have emailed FTDNA about all the haplotree mistakes for our project. When they don't get it right I email them again!  LOL

      Again - ask questions - from one on one emails/telephone calls/in-person meetings with testees I know that many testees don't always understand their results.