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1092FTDNA 12 marker Y-DNA kit

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  • lairdkinna
    Jan 13, 2014
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      FTDNA has just raised the price of the 12 marker Y-DNA test to $59.00. 

      In the past year or more FTDNA has taken the price if the 12 marker Y-DNA test from about $99 ? to $39 then up to $49 and promised that would be a permanent price.

      Now the price has risen to $59.

      The 12 marker test isn't sufficient for matching in a genealogical time frame, but it was very useful to predict the basic haplogroup for a testee when funds were limited.

      At the $39 or $49 price it was a good way to offer basic testing to newly discovered lines to see if they were a match. Combine the $49 price with the $10 GEDCOM discount and we had a basic kit for $39.