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1088Expanding R1b L21 SNP tree

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  • lairdkinna
    Dec 22, 2013
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      The message below has to do with our Gillespie kits that belong to haplogroup R1b L21 - including M222 subgroups.


      Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 
      From: Mike W <mwwdna@...>
      Subject: Re: [DNA] Unveiling of the R1b-L21 tree
      To: DNA Rootsweb <genealogy-dna@...>
      We've now identified 94 branches of L21 that are marked by SNPs. That does not include counting paragroups. The "Big Kahuna" of L21 is DF13. There are 9 large and old subclades separately branching from DF13. Beyond those "Big Nine" there are another 7 distinct DF13 branches with numerous people still in the DF13* paragroup.

      This is all reflected on these two versions of our current draft tree, one in .pdf format and the other in .png.  Graphic zoom and pan features are starting to become important.


      On the younger side of things, it is noteworthy that M222 (the Northwest Irish) and L1065 (Scots Modal) are starting show their branching.

      A lot more is to come. Before all is said and done, we'll have completed the following number of tests.

      460 Geno 2
      333 Big Y
      71 WTY
      51 Chromo 2
      30 FGC

      There are more, but that's what I can count and associate with an identifying kit #.

      Mike W