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1054Gillespie Group 2 - Hap I L813 - Chromo2 & Big Y

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  • lairdkinna
    Nov 15, 2013
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      Below is the message that I just posted over on the Rootsweb Hap I list where Hap I admin Ken Nordtvedt posts and has been a leading force for the Hap I tree since the beginning. We will need their help for analysis of these new SNP results.

      Below is the link to analysis files from Ken N.

      The L22+ tree applies to Gillespie Group 2 as L813 is "downstream" from L22.
      Tree for I1d L22+.pptx  03-Jul-2013 16:37    80k  



      The Gillespie DNA Project has two kits from the Hap I L813 subgroup that have orders pending for BIG Y or BIG Y and CHROMO2.  Ulster was the migration point for most of this Gillespie subgroup during the American colonial era.  We will appreciate any/all assistance for analysis when the results arrive.

      Connie McKenzie - Gillespie DNA Project admin

      1a M253>DF29>CTS6364>L22>Z74>CTS9346>L813 Scandinavian Scots/Ulster Kittler 15-14 (Grp 2)

      45471 WmGillespieb1741CoDerryIRE>PA>KY Chrom2p BigYp

      68239 Wm Gillespie c1720-1801PendletonDistSC>Th>Jn BigYp