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1052more on BIG Y from Charles Moore

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  • lairdkinna
    Nov 14, 2013
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      The comments below re BIG Y from FTDNA are by Charles Moore over at the R1b U106 Yahoo group.

      Yesterday, Charles ordered BIG Y for Gillespie Group 2 kit 68239. None of the other Gillespie kits have ordered BIG Y yet. The discount price on BIG Y ends the last day of November at $495. It goes up to $695 on Dec. 1.

      As you can see from the comments by Charles, this is uncharted territory.



      On top of the 24 Big Y orders sent into last night's batch for our group, there are already 6 more, so we are up to 30 in less than 5 days.

      I can't remember FTDNA ever initiating a new product with a sale before, which can otherwise be thought of as a 40% price increase in December, but this technique is clearly working, despite the fact that we don't entirely know exactly what the testers are going to get.

      We do know that the testers should ordinarily receive something from FTDNA indicating the discovery of new SNPs on their respective lines of descent below U106, in our case. We are not sure how much help we will get from FTDNA in organizing this mess, but again, this is a significant part of what propelled us to double the size of our admin team. And undoubtedly, we will appreciate the help of other volunteers.

      I think at this point, it is probably fair to suggest that people should NOT order Geno, until we find out what is on Chromo. There is apparently a significant opportunity for our group ( and P312 ) to benefit from new SNPs on Chromo, but we might think of Geno at this point as sort-of "tapped out".

      Chromo has up to 15,000 SNPs on it for roughly $200, while Big Y has 25,000 known SNPs and at least 1/3 of the testable part of the Y available for the nearly inevitable discovery of new SNPs on it for $495 until the huge price increase in December. The question remains regarding the Quality, the Analysis, and the organization of the results of Big Y, in comparison to that of FG (largely thanks to Greg, in turn largely thanks to Justin's decision to bring him on board their team), which we know has been excellent. So, we are at this point left to compare a known product at $1,250 with a potential for a price decrease, and a potential for lesser products at lesser prices, against the expectation that FTDNA's Big Y will come through for us in a big way.

      Good luck, everybody!

      We are in the midst of a Golden Age in this area of human endeavor.

      Regardless of who decides what product is better for them as we go forward, I think that the creative minds of Thomas Krahn and Justin Loe are responsible for what has fallen upon us in the last 12 months, so all due thanks and credit to them for stimulating this competition, which will grow our tree thick with twigs and leaves, as we go forward into 2014.


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