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1041Re: [GillespieDNAProject_discussion] 2nd Gillespie Gap/Turkey Cove NC testee

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  • T. Dennis Glazener
    Oct 14, 2013
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      Glad to hear that Henry Gillespie has been proven to be in group I. Just curious if what a NC forest ranger told me is correct or not. He could not remember the Gillespie man's name that the Gap was named for but he did say that it was a Tory family of Gillespie's. Can you confirm this?

      Also there John and Daniel Gillespie (brothers) of the Buffalo Creek area of Rowan/Guildford county NC that were officers in the Continential Army. That keep getting mixed up with my gunmaker John Gillespie line. Supposedly they both were witnesses to the surrender of Corvallis's army. Do you know what group they fall into?

      Thanks for any info you might have.
      Dennis Glazener
      On 10/14/2013 3:24 PM, lairdkinna@... wrote:
      I am thrilled to report that we now have a 111 marker Y-DNA kit heading to a 2nd descendant of Henry Gillespie of Turkey Cove, McDowell/Burke Co. NC. Gillespie Gap along the Blue Ridge Hwy. was named for him.

      The first descendant of this family line is FTDNA kit 219964. His results placed him into Gillespie Group 1 - haplogroup I2b L126.  Hopefully, the results of this 2nd kit will match and we can confirm this line. I've waited a long time for this :-)

      I have added a few links/info below on the dynamics of the family of Henry Gillespie of Turkey Cove, NC and the other Gillespie Group 1 kits that are closest to his family geographically at that time.

      My own Group 1 ancestor is Thomas Gillespie b 1719 (wife Naomi Thompson) who resided near Millbridge, Rowan Co. NC (close to Salisbury).  He and his family are buried in Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Millbridge.

      I used MapQuest to show the route from Millbridge to Marion, McDowell Co. NC (for Turkey Cove), then to Gillespie Gap and on up to Limestone, Washington Co. TN - the home of Col. George Gillespie and the Over The Mountain Men.

      At this time, we still don't know the common ancestor of these three lines. I still haven't been able to determine the parents of my own Thomas Gillespie b. 1719 or confirm any siblings. 

      Many of the family lines in Group 1 claim the Ulster area of Ireland as their migration point, with an unknown location in Scotland whispered about. Maybe one of these years .....

      Hope the links work,

      I2b M223>M284>L1195>L369/L137/L126 (PAGES00052-) Isles-Scot, Kittler 16-15 (Grp 1)



      Wm Gillespie>Marshall Lafayette 1840 RabunCoGA-GAP





      1. Millbridge, Rowan Co. NC – Thomas Gillespie b1719/Naomi Thompson
      2. Marion, McDowell Co. NC ( Turkey Cove) Henry Gillespie
      3. Gillespie Gap – named for Henry Gillespie of Turkey Cove (adult during 1780s)
      4. Limestone, Washington Co. TN – Col. George Gillespie b1735






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