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1018Additional DNA samples needed

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  • lairdkinna
    Jun 28, 2013
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      In my last message I mentioned checking on the amount of DNA left from your samples at the FTDNA lab when placing additional orders.

      One of my kits (not Gillespie) was ordered in 2005 for 37 markers - most likely when only 2 vials were sent. Since that time I have upgraded this kit to 67 markers, ordered 4 individual SNPs, and recently ordered the upgrade to 111 markers. Last night I ordered the Family Finder upgrade for this kit and received a message from FTDNA telling me that more DNA was needed. I can't get more DNA from this person.

      "This is a notification to inform you we have exhausted the DNA samples that were provided for kit number xxxxx. We will be mailing you an additional DNA collection kit. Please ensure the DNA is from the same person who supplied the prior samples. Please return it promptly to prevent any further delay in running your DNA tests. Your kit number will remain the same."

      This morning I telephoned FTDNA for more info on this DNA kit and remaining DNA at the lab. The lab was contacted and I was told that they could likely scrape up enough DNA to do the Family Finder test. However, my big concern was completely depleting the DNA sample and not having any remaining for additional advanced SNP testing. The lab was contacted again and I was told that likely there would be enough DNA remaining for a SNP test. I pushed the issue again and said that I didn't want to order FF and find that no DNA was left.

      The FF results would be interesting and might provide additional information along the line of one of my parents -- however, I am very interested in doing additional SNP testing to determine the very early location of this direct family line.

      I was told by the FTDNA telephone rep to do the FF test and then see if there was any DNA left for SNP testing as each DNA sample is different as to how much is used. That is a route that is not acceptable. I had to decide - FF or deep ancestry via SNP testing in the future. For now, I cancelled the FF test.

      For some of my other kits over the past 2 years, I had FTDNA send out additional DNA swabs to testees where I have done a lot of testing on their kits. Hopefully, there will be enough DNA remaining for those kits.

      So, be careful with your DNA samples if you have kits where additional DNA samples cannot be obtained.