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345Re: [GermanSpecialinterest] Old German vocations

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  • KDAUBEL@aol.com
    Feb 23, 2011
      In reply I am recalling what my father told me over the years about early Germany and Prussia.  Dad came from Germany right after WWI.  He said that linen weaving was in part a home based craft that could be practiced or worked at by many members of a family.  It was a source of income for the family.  Many families were subordinate to some land owner and needed to pay their way for many things.  Families had some things that were property of their superior person and some things were allowed to be their own.  In this way linen weaving was their part of ownership and earnings. 
      Linen weaving was significant to everyone as the was there clothing and bedding etc.  Now when I think of Linen weaving it makes full sense that not just vegetable fibers but animal hair (wool) was vital.  So there things go hand in hand in making "tuch"  fabric.  Also, it was beneficial to make it in various colors.
      Then came the industrial revolution where weaving machines came into being.  Soon the home craft was put out of existence.  The home craft could not compete with the machine.  As other things change soon the families come into real hardship.  Emigration was in part the cure for this situation. 
      People learned their basic trade and in time they became more proficient, productive and had greater skills.
      The Occupations given for your ancestor clearly demonstrate that progression. 
      To place this work at home together with the Linen Weavers Guild takes some real history research. 
      After you review some of the information below I think you will find that you are very close in your translations.
      Try these Google search words  --  History of Prussian Linen weaving
      Take a look at hits 1 and 3.  They provide some interesting background.

      Search Results

      1. The Cambridge modern history - Google Books Result

        Baron John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton Acton, Sir Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero - 1907 - History
        Even in 184G not four per cent, of the cotton-looms in Prussia were automatic ; and there ... There were three linen-weaving businesses in Berlin in 1846. ...
      2. History of Silesia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        The history of Silesia can be traced for many millennia, although only the last ...... Especially Silesian linen weavers suffered as Prussia's free trade ...
        en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Silesia - Cached - Similar
      3. Linen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        There is a long history of linen in Ireland. The discovery of dyed flax ...
        en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linen - Cached - Similar
      Now try this string of  Google search words         Prussian linen weaving gild

      The following is from a Wiki about Göttingen.

      Reason for the progressive power increase in the late Middle Ages was the growing economic importance of the town. This depended largely on its good connection to the north-south trading route, particularly the north-south trading route that followed the Leine valley, which greatly aided particularly the local textile industry. Next to the guild of linen weavers, the guild of wool weavers gained in importance. The wool for the weaving originated in the immediate surroundings of the town, where up to 3000 sheep and 1500 lambs were herded. Woollen cloth was successfully exported all the way to the Netherlands and Lübeck. From 1475, textile production was augmented by the addition of new weavers who brought novel weaving techniques to Göttingen and solidified the position of the town as a textile exporter for three generations. Only at the end of the 16th century came the decline of the local textile industry when Göttingen could not compete anymore with cheap English textiles.

      This link has some history about linen weaving and the Guilds that were involved.  Scroll down quite a bit to get to it.




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