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344Re: Old German vocations

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  • mikemctoo
    Feb 23, 2011
      Mr. Persbacher,

      Thank you for your input. I am inclined to agree that linen weaver is a more appropriate translation. I have been searching online and researching available texts to get a better translation. I also consulted the Beolingus on-line dictionary because often it gives a number of variations on the meaning of terms which give better meanings. Being nearly 30 years out of practice speaking German (I lived there during the 70s for a few years) I have lost a lot of vocabulary through dis-use. Also, given how meanings may change over the years, its always a bit dicey when translating documents over 160 years old using modern dictionaries.

      Given that our oral family traditions were that my g-g-grandfather was a wool dyer, I believe you are correct in saying the linen weaver fits that description better.

      Clearly he was involved in textiles if our oral traditions are correct and given the other vocations that appeared in the Taufbuchs and Traubuch that these transcriptions came out of.

      Once again, thank you for your valuable comments.

      Peter Lessing
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