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342Old German vocations

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  • mikemctoo
    Feb 23, 2011

      Would like to know if anyone in the group can provide a translation of a vocation for an ancestor. I recently received back a response to a letter I wrote to a church in Crimmitschau, Germany where I had requested information from the church books of the local Evangelical Lutheran Church about ancestors that I knew had lived in Crimmitschau in the 1840s and 1850s.

      In the response I received back, I was provided transcripts of the marriage of my great-great-grandparents, as well as the births of 6 siblings of my great-grandfather. This represented a breakthrough for me since I was finally able to positively identify a child that only a first name was known and nothing else because this child had died soon after the family immigrated to the U.S., and death records for this child have never been found in the U. S.

      In the transcript, my g-g-grandfather's occupation(s) were variously listed under both his marriage transcription and the transcriptions of the births of his 6 children born in Germany.

      The various occupations were listed as:

      1. Leineweber
      2. Tuch-, Lein-, und Wollenweber
      3. Leineweber und Schnitthandler (the 'a' in Schnitthandler an umlaut)
      4. Leinwebermstr. (Leinwebermeister?) und Schnitthandler
      5. Webermstr. (Webermeister?) und Schnitthandler

      My attempts at translating are as follows:

      1. Ropeweaver
      2. CLoth-, rope, and wool weaver.
      3. Rope weaver and cloth merchant
      4. Rope weaver foreman and cloth merchant
      5. Weaver foreman and cloth merchant

      In the case of the translating "rope weaver" this is a literal translation and I am not really sure I got it right. Perhaps its more like yarn or thread weaver?

      In any case, the occupations listed in the Kirchenbuch don't agree wiht stories passed down by word-of-mouth (surprise! surprise!) which stated that my g-g-grandfather was a wool dyer, but they are related.

      Can anyone confirm whether or not my translations are accurate?

      Thank you.
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