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  • meyerwalter49
    Dec 18, 2010
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      I recently found the church record for Sylvester Meyer's marriage. He was married at St. Mary of Victories and not at St. Ferdinand de Florissant as some records indicated. His parents are listed as Antonius Meyer and Christina Eckenwalter. With this information we were able to find a birth of Sylvester Meyer in Heiligenzell, Baden in December 1810 and lists Christina as a widow of Nicolaus Meyer. A cousin and I are beginning to narrow the search region to Oberbeuern for the Meyer line (Beuerner Tal is listed as Nicolaus home) and Rench valley for the Eckenwalter/Eckenwalder line. Persistence and questioning old information has allowed us to make progress.

      By the way, I found the correct marriage church by using the name of the priest who signed the St. Louis civil record and then tracing the churches this priest, Joseph Fischer, served.

      --- In GermanSpecialinterest@yahoogroups.com, "meyerwalter49" <meyerw@...> wrote:
      > Looking for information of Sylvester Meyer in Baden, Germany.
      > Naturalization papers indicate he was born 1815, He was married in St.
      > Louis 28 Oct 1844 to Marguerite Nicol at St. Ferdinand de Florissant
      > Catholic Church. Lived in Carondelet TWP and attended the Assumption
      > Catholic Church in Mattese. He appears with family in the 1860 St.
      > Louis MO census. (A Sylvester Meyer also appears in the 1850 census
      > but the age of man and wife and children's names not consistent).
      > Children who lived to maturity: Jasper/Casper, Louis, Mary Anna, Eva
      > Barbara, Joseph J.(my Great Grandfather), Peter Philip. Henry F.,
      > Theodore Henry. One son, Francis Sylvester (b. Feb 1853, d. Aug 1853)
      > and one daughter, Anna Marie Josephine (b. 19 Jan 1846, d. 13 Mar
      > 1847), died young.
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