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    Jun 17 5:58 AM
      Hello germanspecialinterest Yahoo Group,
      I contacted Brenda offline and offered to assist in getting this letter translated without a
      fee. She transcribed the text and sent it to me. I got help from two German speakers, one of them being Scott in Special Collections who translated one sentence for me. Since I myself am studying German at the German School Association, I decided to try to translate it myself while awaiting a response from the German speakers. I used an online dictionary and made a vocabulary list of the words in the letter and came up with a version of a translation which I could compare with what was dictated to me by the person translating. Brenda gave me permission to post the letter and the translation. Here is the translation provided by the
      German speakers. The sentence in blue was translated by Scott.

      Evangelisch-Lutherische   Landeskirche Sachsens

      Regionalkirchenamt Dresden



      Genealogische Anfrage

      Genealogical Inquiry


      Ihren schriftlichen Auftrag zur Ahnenforschung haben wir vom Landratsamt Meißen am 20. Mai 2010 erhalten.

      We have gotten your written order for genealogical research from the office of the Head of the Land Kreis (County Commissioner) on 20 May 2010.


      In unserer Dienststelle ist eine zentrale Lesestelle eingerichtet, in der die Filme der verfilmten Kirchenbücher (seit der Reformationszeit) bis 1875 nach rechtzeitiger Terminvereinbarung selbst eingesehen warden können.

      In our service area (or department) there is a properly equipped reading post where, by appointment, you yourself may view the films of the Church Books from the Reformation up to 1875.


      Verfilmt sind die Amtshandlungsregister des früheren Kirchenbuchamts Dresden und die Amtshandlungsund Kirchstuhlregister der Kirchgemeiden in den Kirchenbezirken Meißen und Flöha.

      The records of the former Dresden church record office and records and pew registers of congregations in the Meißen and Flöha ecclesiastical districts have been microfilmed.


      Aus Ihrer Anfrage geht leider nicht hervor, in welchen Kirchenbüchern welcher Kirchgemeinde recherchiert warden soll.

      From your inquiry it is unfortunately not clear which Church Books should be researched.


      Sollte es seine Meißner Kirchgemeinde sein, so bitten wir Sie, uns auch diese ggf. Mitzuteilen.

      Should it be his Meissner parish, we ask you to also give us this information if applicable.


      Entsprechend unserer Gebührenordnung, sind für schriftliche Auskünfte je angefangene halbe Stunde 15 Euro zu erheben zuzüglich der Rückvergrößerung am Lese-Drucker je Kopie 1,50 Euro.

      Our fee for research is 15 Euro per half hour or any portion thereof. Copies are 1.50 Euro each


      Die schriftliche Recherche wird in diesem Fall sehr umfangreich sein.

      The written research will, in this case, be very extensive.


      Bitte beachten Sie, dass max. zwei Stunden für eine schriftliche Anfrage zur Recherche zur Verfügung stehen.

      Please be advised that a maximum of two hours is available for written research.


      Um schriftliche Rückäußerung wird gebeten, ob Sie weiterhin an einer Recherche unsererseits festhalten gegen einen entsprechenden Gebührenbescheid.

      A written reply is requested stating whether you still want us to do the research at the stated fee.


      Für Rückfragen stenen wir Ihnen selbstverständlich gern zur Verfügung.

      If you have additional questions, of course we will gladly respond.



      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      With friendly greetings


      I.A. Marzin


      Case handler or case worker (the "in" at the end of the word denotes a female case worker).


      Note: ggf. is an abbreviation of "gegebenfalls" which means "if applicable" or "if required."
      P.S. The German speaker gave me the translation orally and I typed as it was spoken.
      I thinks it's close enough and I hope there are no major errors. 



      To: GermanSpecialinterest@yahoogroups.com
      From: brenda6@...
      Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 02:21:07 +0000
      Subject: [GermanSpecialinterest] Translation Help


      I would like a translation of a typed short office letter from German to English. It is re. Evangelical Lutherans and a response to a research request. I would use google translator but this letter mentions 'Euro' so I think that want money for research and I want it to be translated clearly which Google does not always make sense.
      I can scan it and post here or e-mail to someone.
      Any ideas? Brenda in Seattle

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