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Reached GD15-CIAF, CATO, CAUP, missed CEPE, CASU, CANU

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  • Bill Newman
    Sunday, Sept 22: Continuing north on I75, the next stop was GD15-CIAF about 30km east of Bay City, Michigan. This turned out to be an easy driveby. It s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      Sunday, Sept 22:
      Continuing north on I75, the next stop was GD15-CIAF about 30km east of Bay City, Michigan. This turned out to be an easy driveby. It's right in the middle of a drainage ditch just 15m off a nice paved road.
      ** 3 points **

      GD15-CEPE is further north just off I75. It's more of a tourist or cottage area--lots of traffic, mostly high priced vacation gear. My usual road following strategy got me to within 900m from two directions but both dead-ended into somebodies driveway. Too far to walk in the heavy bush even if I'd got permission. (no points)

      I stopped in Grayling for lunch and went into K-mart looking for a better map. They had a nice big atlas of Michigan with a scale of about 1:100,000 and lat/lon grids. At $20 I didn't buy it but I looked up the area around CATO and CAUP and got pretty optimistic about them. Off I went.

      GD15-CATO is over on the Lake Michigan side with lots of lakes and forest, very nice country. My first try got me into a Boy Scout camp, Camp Tapico. The ranger gave me a local map and pointed out the best roads to take. Soon I was on the road around Pickerel Lake with cottages on both sides. CATO was just 100m off the road. I walked a few meters into a sunlit forest glen for a reading of 90m and a beautiful picture. ** 3 points **

      GD15-CAUP "CAnuck goes UP". This one was at "Challenge Mountain of Waloon Hills" a recreational area for the handicapped. They had a nice big lodge and a ski lift. CAUP was 600m away, likely at the top of the hill. I considered the no trespassing sign for a bit and decided that the owners were only trying to protect their facilities from vandalism and that a hike up the hill wouldn't offend the sensibilities of such an organization. The ski lift went up the gentle part of the slope but that was only half way to CAUP. The rest of the climb pushed the old heart rate up and served to remind me that I need more exercise in my life. At 80m from CAUP I had climbed up 95m--good enough. I paused to take in the view as the sun edged towards the peak behind me. ** 3 points **

      On the way back to I75 I passed an old tree trunk carved into an amazing piece of art. There was a face on the trunk, a bear on top and a fish carved into a limb. Check out the picture. After a pizza stop I crossed over the Mackinac bridge into Northern Michigan.

      GD15-CASU was a mile off the road and there was a driveway..., or was it? Nope, a snowmobile trail--definitely not fit for a Honda Accord in the dark.

      GD15-CANU was 2 miles north of Highway 2. I circled it on the available roads but there was no way in. Also it was after midnight so I stopped at a motel on the north shore of Lake Michigan. I saw how beautiful it was in the morning and wished I could have hung around a bit.
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