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SoccerFanatics: GDBQ-AKOC

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    Player: SoccerFanatics Team: GeoTerriers GDBQ-AKOC is near Adelanto, California, USA. ... 2013-04-16, 3, 3, GDBQ-AKOC, USA, California, 34.5392, -117.4919,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2013
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      Player: SoccerFanatics
      Team: GeoTerriers

      GDBQ-AKOC is near Adelanto, California, USA.

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon, Distance
      2013-04-16, 3, 3, GDBQ-AKOC, USA, California, 34.5392, -117.4919, 95 meters

      Number of previous hunts by SoccerFanatics: 87

      I had the afternoon off today, and wanted to drop in on friends in Apple Valley. Drove down from Ridgecrest, spent several hours, but left with enough daylight left to visit this dashpoint and the Andorra flag nearby. From Apple Valley, I took Bear Valley Road west to US 395, then west again on Palmdale Road. I was happy to see that Palmdale Road, unlike so many roads going west off US 395, is not dirt.

      Of course, that didn't last for long, and in just 4 miles, my nuvi told me to turn right onto dirt Richardson Road. But that road was blocked off, so I continued west on Palmdale, taking the next left onto dirt at Vinton Road. That went a short distance, then entered the fenced construction area for a major new solar power development. I turned left and followed the dirt road just outside their fence for almost a mile (I did say it's a major development, didn't I?) to turn right onto Middleton Road, still dirt. From there, I turned east on an unnamed road, the north, and then west on Cactus Road. This area, once away from Palmdale Road, is very sparsely inhabited. There are just a very few houses, spaced very far apart. The land is almost completely flat, just an occasional little rise or dip. Vegetation is very sparse, too, with very low scrubby bushes and scattered Joshua trees.

      I got to the general vicinity of the point and made a right turn off the dirt road and onto the very flat, hard-packed sand/dirt. Unlike most trips to China Lake, this time I didn't have an SUV, but a compact car. So, I picked my way toward the flag, trying not to drive over bushes with exposed roots, since those can flatten even the better tires usually found on rental SUVs, let alone those on compacts. I got within 145 meters of the dashpoint when I decided I was too likely to get into heavier bushes if I continued. I parked near an old, burned log, with a very healthy young Joshua tree near the car, too. I walked 50 years, got to 95 meters, and very carefully retraced my route to Cactus Raod, then toward the Andorra flag.

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