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    Player: RogBarn Team: no team GDBP-BUWO is near Foley, Missouri, USA. GDBP-BUQY is near Montgomery City, Missouri, USA. ... 2013-03-30, 3, 0, GDBP-BUWO, USA,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2013
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      Player: RogBarn
      Team: no team

      GDBP-BUWO is near Foley, Missouri, USA.
      GDBP-BUQY is near Montgomery City, Missouri, USA.

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon, Distance
      2013-03-30, 3, 0, GDBP-BUWO, USA, Missouri, 39.0441, -90.7811, 58 m
      2013-03-30, 3, 0, GDBP-BUQY, USA, Missouri, 38.9760, -91.4395, 90 m

      Number of previous hunts by RogBarn: 625

      Dashpoint: GDBP-BUWO
      Coordinates: 39.0441, -90.7811
      Location: Lincoln County, MO, about 39 miles NW of home
      Date/time: 30 Mar 2013 12:19 PM
      Temperature: 54 F
      Closest approach: 58 meters
      We decided to go for a day trip thru some rolling hills to our northwest. This DP is just a mile or so from the flat, broad flood plain of the Mississippi River. We stopped along the side of a narrow two lane road. A steep 20 foot embankment was to our west and the dashpoint was up beyond there in a wooded area. I tried to climb the embankment just for fun but there has been enough rain and snow recently that the footing was not good and I gave up the attempt before I got up too high. The house across the road had a stove pipe sticking above the roof line and as I walked back to the car, I could see smoke coming out. It was not cold but it was a bit chilly day and I�m sure they were trying to keep the house warm.

      Dashpoint: GDBP-BUQY
      Coordinates: 38.976, -91.4395
      Location: Montgomery County, MO, about 64 miles WNW of home
      Date/time: 30 Mar 2013 3:24 PM
      Temperature: 49 F
      Closest approach: 90 meters
      We continued on and entered a line of showers that kept us wet for the rest of the day. This DP is in an area of flatter farm land. About a half mile north of the DP, the road makes a right angle turn but we went straight down the dirt road. We stopped about 300 feet from the DP which was in a farm field to our east. There was a barbed wire fence followed by about 100 feet of pasture or hay followed by another fence which was electrified. The field beyond was just starting to grow with long rows of dark green plants just poking up above the ground. It�s been a chilly and wet spring and I�m sure that with a couple of warm sunny days, that field will be fully engulfed in green.

      That�s 2 DPs and 6 points for RogBarn, thanks for getting us out.

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