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    Player: geoffj3191 Team: En Dash! GDAX-YKUK is near Preston, Australia. GDAX-YKYF is near Mulgrave, Australia. GDAX-YKUM is near Mornington, Australia. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1 2:54 AM
      Player: geoffj3191
      Team: En Dash!

      GDAX-YKUK is near Preston, Australia.
      GDAX-YKYF is near Mulgrave, Australia.
      GDAX-YKUM is near Mornington, Australia.

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon, Distance
      2011-09-01, 3, 3, GDAX-YKUK, Australia, Victoria, -37.7321, 145.0302, 29m
      2011-09-01, 3, 3, GDAX-YKYF, Australia, Victoria, -37.9115, 145.2188, 19km
      2011-09-01, 3, 3, GDAX-YKUM, Australia, Victoria, -38.2326, 145.0472, 5m

      Number of previous hunts by geoffj3191: 240

      I planned to get three dashpoints today, some caches, and also to release and capture some munzees, which is a new smartphone activity reasonably complimentary to the others. Google munzee if you want to know more about that.

      This one was 25km north of home. A trip up Punt Rd, and then Station Street to Bundoora where it was located in the Northern School for Autism next to the Darebin Health Centre near the corner of Newton and Crevelli streets.
      At 11:45am, by parking in the health centre car park, the car was 29m from GZ which was in a class room in the Autistic School next door, just over the cyclone wire fence.
      I left a munzee hidden near the car park entry for DDM and MD to find, and the found a cache near Latrobe University in Bundoora, before jumpi9ng onto the Eastern Freeway and Eastlink to get to the next dashpoint.

      This one is 19km east of home, and just off the Eastlink Freeway which was most convenient. It is located in an industrial area which is part of Caribbean Gardens. This is a large complex with a big lake in the middle, and when I was at Monash University around 1970, the Water Ski Club used to go there every Wednesday afternoon, and we had a great old time. Now there a re many multi nationals located there with large warehouses and distribution centres. Agfa, FedEx, Black and Decker to name a few. The dashpoint was located in a paddock opposite the Linde Distribution Centre in Dalmore Drive. I was able to park and get to 39m at the fence. I placed a munzee nearby and then it then it was back onto Eastlink and down to Mornington, where the next dashpoint was waiting.

      This one was located in a Mercedes dealership on the corner of Diane St and the Mornington-Tyabb Road outside Mornington.
      The dashpoint appeared to be about 5m inside a side door which placed it right in the show room. I didn�t go inside. I wasn�t really dressed to be looking at Mercedes.
      I placed a munzee nearby and then went caching for the rest of the afternoon.
      That�s 9 points for En Dash! and
      9 points for GeoffJ3191

      Thanks Scout for an enjoyable afternoon.

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