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    Player: Jack Frickey Team: no team GDAM-CUON is near Lake Heritage, Pennsylvania, USA. GDAM-CUUJ is near Cockeysville, Maryland, USA. GDAM-CUVO is near
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2010
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      Player: Jack Frickey
      Team: no team

      GDAM-CUON is near Lake Heritage, Pennsylvania, USA.
      GDAM-CUUJ is near Cockeysville, Maryland, USA.
      GDAM-CUVO is near Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
      GDAM-CUPI is near North Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA.

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon, Distance
      2010-10-01, 3, 0, GDAM-CUON, USA, Pennsylvania, 39.8413, -77.1872, 147 ft
      2010-10-03, 0, 0, GDAM-CUUJ, USA, Maryland, 39.5248, -76.7374, 1/3 mi
      2010-10-03, 3, 0, GDAM-CUVO, USA, Maryland, 39.3063, -76.6180, 50 ft
      2010-10-03, 0, 0, GDAM-CUPI, USA, Maryland, 39.0056, -77.0866, 1/4 mi

      Number of previous hunts by Jack Frickey: 1281

      This was the weekend of a new (annual to be) weekend square dance at the historic Yorktowne Hotel in York, PA.


      Although not the shortest route, certainly the most pleasant, when going for a Friday evening downbeat, we usually go up through Frederick, MD and Gettysburg, PA rather than fighting Friday afternoon traffic on I-95. AMCUON is very near the junction of US-15 and US-30 at Gettysburg. A short detour to Proline Road brought us to within 147 feet of the DP while stopped (not parked because there was �No Parking� signs on the road where we saw no other vehicle) at the side of the road. The DP was in the woods west of the road not far from a sign saying it was LOT# 12 with 4.3 acres�part of the Adams County Economic Development Corporation.

      We had a great challenge level square dance weekend, dancing Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. Our return trip home was not particularly successful for dashing, however. Only one of three attempts was successful.


      I was a little skeptical of AMCUUJ when I put it on the itinerary. It was a fair distance from either of two roads in a field after the remnant of a tropical storm dumped copious rainfall on the area. It was a third of a mile from Butler Road with posted signs and would have been closer to a road showing on satellite view. That road turned out to be �private� with several cars at the entrance with people milling around. It didn�t take long to abandon this effort and continue on.


      AMCUVO was much more interesting. It is in the middle of Baltimore apparently on the �campus� of the University of Baltimore. I say �apparently� because there is no clear indication of such other than most of the buildings in the area are associated with the U of Baltimore. We parked in front of the Lyric Opera House on Maryland Avenue where major construction was adding more height to the stage area of the building. I walked around the building to find the DP in the UB Langsdale Library (adjacent to if not attached to the Lyric). I was 50 feet from it standing outside the main entrance.

      From there we continued to the nearby Fort McHenry (of Star Spangled Banner Fame) for an interesting walk-around visit before heading on to the DC area.


      This is the second month in a row that the llamas dropped the nearest DP to my home in a location that I could not get to. AMCUPI is inside the gates of the National Naval Medical Center. I even drove in to the main entrance and asked if I could just go in and come right back out. Of course I was refused by the guard at the gate. He confiscated my driver�s license while I turned around on the nearby helicopter pad. The DP is tantalizingly close to the edge of the compound so we drove around a bit to see if we could get close enough, but never got closer than a quarter of a mile. I actually drive within about a quarter mile of it every day on my way to work on the DC Beltway just west of Connecticut Ave. Oh well.

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