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Dashing Dog Mac: GD61-YKAG,GD61-YKAT,GD61-YKAF

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    Player: Dashing Dog Mac Team: GeoTerriers ... 2006-07-01, 3, 3, GD61-YKAG, Australia, Victoria, -37.7609, 145.2249 2006-07-01, 3, 3, GD61-YKAT, Australia,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
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      Player: Dashing Dog Mac
      Team: GeoTerriers

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon
      2006-07-01, 3, 3, GD61-YKAG, Australia, Victoria, -37.7609, 145.2249
      2006-07-01, 3, 3, GD61-YKAT, Australia, Victoria, -37.6182, 145.3512
      2006-07-01, 3, 3, GD61-YKAF, Australia, Victoria, -38.0804, 145.2179

      GD61-YKAG reached 1210hrs 01/07/2006 near Park Orchards Victoria
      After spending the morning at Prahran Market we made our way northeast of Melbourne until we reached the leafy green hills of Warrandyte. We turned left into Hussey's Lane in Park Orchards and after passing numerous rural properties which were really farmlets with goats, ponies and horses in their paddocks, we finally reached Number 58. We were still 170 metres from zero, but the property had a For Sale sign on it with a Sold sticker plastered across it, so we were able to drive up the long winding driveway to the empty property. The GPSr read 64 metres, so we drove around the turning circle and exited.

      GD61-YKAT reached 1310hrs 01/07/2006 in Christmas Hills Victoria
      A further 18.2 kilometres to the northeast lay GD61-YKAT. It was in beautiful rolling hills surrounding the Yarra Valley, a favourite place of ours. From Skyline Drive along the ridge line we followed a fire access trail until we came to a closed gate. The sign prevented vehicle access, but bushwalkers were welcomed. We knew we had it then, so we walked along the rough trail until we reached 260 metres, then headed cross-country to zero. The natural scrubby bushland contained a pine forest and a private house. The owner was clearing away fallen timber with a chain-saw and was burning off, I assume in preparation for the long hot summer we are expecting in six months time. She gave us a cheery wave as we walked past this isolated but beautiful area.

      GD61-YKAF reached 1545hrs 01/07/2006 on Sandhurst Island Victoria
      This one was in a golf course estate still under construction - named Sandhurst Club. We tracked south past our home base and continued along the Dandenong Valley Highway until we reached Thompsons Road. By good fortune the roads for the new estate were complete and in fact an artificial island in the middle of the golf course was the place for this dashpoint. We drove over the brand new bridge and between houses under construction until we reached 9.58 metres in the driveway of Lot 317 Viewmount Place Sandhurst Club. Two years ago this would have been inaccessible, inhospitable boggy land. It has been converted into a desirable residential community with a world-class sandbelt golf course and a soon-to-be-opened tollway (EastLink) providing fast access to the city of Melbourne.

      That's 9 points for Dashing Dog Mac and 9 points for GeoTerriers, thanks Scout

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