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26557Douq Millar: GDCE-BOAT

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    Jun 26 11:31 AM
      Player: Douq Millar
      Team: Llama League

      GDCE-BOAT is near Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon, Distance
      2014-06-26, 3, 3, GDCE-BOAT, USA, Nebraska, 40.7756, -96.5963, 90m

      Number of previous hunts by Douq Millar: 807

      Mobile report 155m from DP. I'm parked near a new house under construction in a new luxury development near the golf course. With lots of construction activity on this new street no one will notice me. I hiked across a weedy vacant lot, soon to be a new home and stopped at the edge of the fairway figuring going further was definitely trespassing. Found two golf balls in the rough. There is a single large tree on a small mound near where I approached the fairway. The nearest finished house is #3635, a typical rock and stucco modern luxury home. I passed a gigantic mansion just near the clubhouse on the drive in. Coincidentally this DP is just two miles from a parking lot on a trail I'm hiking today.