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26556Rep: GDCE-KUZY

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    Jun 25 2:33 PM
      Player: Rep
      Team: no team

      GDCE-KUZY is near Pregartsdorf, Austria.

      > Date, Points, TeamPoints, Dashpoint, Country, State, Lat, Lon, Distance
      2014-06-25, 3, 3, GDCE-KUZY, Austria, , 48.3609, 14.5595, 0

      Number of previous hunts by Rep: 5

      Getting to this dashpoint was quite easy, because it is on a minor road. So I rode my bicycle up from Greising to Pregartsdorf. Around me, there was mixed agriculture as it is typical of this region. Sometimes, you surely can see some Alpine mountains, but today this was not the case.